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Hammocks are sold in markets across Mexico and are one of the mainstay products in a range of Mexican Handicrafts. Most of the hammocks you buy in Mexico will be from the Yucatán region, woven on hand-looms situated in towns and villages surrounding the beautiful colonial city of Mérida.
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Mexico offers you the opportunity to acquire artesania (handicrafts) produced locally with materials sourced from Mexico’s diverse natural habitats. A good place to scout for and buy handicrafts is in rural towns and villages, where local people, known as artesanos, make their living by creating the art works. Mexican handicrafts range from common trinkets to masterful works of fine art—and everything in-between. The types of handicrafts which predominate in each region usually reflect the natural materials available locally: woods, metals, textiles, leathers, yarns, clay, etc.
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Mexico offers excellent private health care facilities. Private clinics and hospitals feature the latest modern facilities and are built to US-standards. The levels of care and professionalism often exceed patients’ expectations. If you need medical care when you come to Mexico, you can find good hands to take care of you. Connect to the extensive information on Mexperience about healthcare and well-being in Mexico.
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The Mexican State of Hidalgo is in central-eastern Mexico, and named after Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, considered the ‘father’ of the Mexican Independence Movement. Its capital city is Pachuca de Soto. Miners from Cornwall, England, arrived in Hidalgo to work during the first half of the 18th century, and brought with them Cornish pasties (in Spanish, Pastes) and football (soccer); the former remains a popular food, and the latter has become the country’s national sport. Hidalgo is host to cultural and tourist attractions, including the important archaeological ruins of Tula.
Online: Hidalgo (Wikipedia), Tula (Wikipedia)
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Mexico has a rich history which includes cradles of ancient civilizations, European colonization, independence, revolution, paternalism, and is now making further transitions towards becoming more diverse and open as it navigates its way through the disruptions and opportunities brought by the 21st century.
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Once you have taken possession of your home in Mexico, whether you own your property in Mexico or are renting property, there will be certain matters to organize and deal with on a regular basis to keep your house properly maintained. A key attraction of owning property in Mexico are the very affordable ongoing costs of property ownership here—including low property taxes and low building and maintenance costs—which help you to keep your costs under control.
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Las Bahías de Huatulco (The Bays of Huatulco) is this resort’s full name; there are nine bays in total and among them they are host to thirty-six attractive beaches featuring soft sands and crystal clear waters off the Pacific coast in Mexico’s state of Oaxaca. Situated about 430 km (270 miles) southeast of Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific coastline, Huatulco is a relatively new resort area with well-preserved natural surroundings and eco-centers coupled with highly appointed accommodations and good facilities to repair to in the evening. This is not the place to stay if you’re on a tight budget, but neither will it cost as much as the exclusive resorts along Costalegre, further up the Pacific coast.
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Mexicans share many different kinds of humor. They enjoy slapstick, but also embrace other kinds of comedy, from the more brash American styles to the cutting British kind. Monty Python films were popular in their day, even with Spanish subtitles.
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In the summer months, when temperatures reach their peak in the northern hemisphere, Mexico can be host to hurricanes: powerful storms which are born over the oceans, gather strength, and eventually make landfall – most usually along Mexico’s Pacific coast, and less often along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico or Yucatán peninsula.
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