Monsoon Rains

Monsoon Rains in Mexico

Mexico’s seasonal monsoon rains are one of Mother Nature’s treats to experience and enjoy

Hurricane Over Ocean, Viewed from Space (Concept)

Hurricane Season in Mexico

During summer months, when temperatures reach their peak, Mexico can be host to hurricane-force storms

Oceanside Mexican Home

Property Near Beaches in Mexico

It is possible for foreigners to own property in Mexico—even by the beach. However, regardless of whether you are Mexican or not, you cannot own the beach.

Hurricane Over Ocean, Viewed from Space (Concept)

Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia, a Category 5 storm, made landfall on Mexico's Pacific coast some 40 miles north of Manzanillo on the evening of Friday October 23.

Weather Vane

Climates and Weather in Mexico

The weather and climates in Mexico are affected by a combination of the season, what part of Mexico you are in, and what elevation is there