Mexico Relocation Consulting Service

Mexican Visa inside a foreign passport

Need personalized advice and support to plan your relocation to Mexico? Our Associates can help.

If you’re planning to relocate to Mexico, full-time or part-time, and need detailed personal advice about the move, our associates can help.  Communicate by email and/or telephone and get detailed answers to your specific questions about relocating to Mexico by purchasing this fixed-fee package with no hidden charges.

Our relocation consulting service offers telephone/email advice that helps in very practical ways, for example:

  • Consultation and advice regarding which resident visa best suits your plans and situation
  • Practical assistance with the application procedure, including a detailed list of the documents you need, assistance completing application forms and preparation of required accompanying letters written in Spanish—all customized to your individual needs and situation
  • The service also provides practical support as you make your way through the application procedure at a Mexican Consulate abroad and/or the local immigration office in Mexico
  • Help and assistance in the renewal of your existing resident card
  • Assistance and advice if you need to ‘regularize’ your immigration status, for example if your resident card expired, or was lost or stolen
  • Trouble-shooting and problem-solving

Your package fee includes advice and support of up to 3 hours on any/all of the following services:

  • Immigration (Visas, Residency, Retirement, Working)
  • Residency Card Renewal
  • Residency ‘Regularization’ Procedures
    (e.g. expired residency cards, lost/stolen residency cards)
  • Business Consultancy (Working independently in Mexico)
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Assistance with Car Imports procedures (Temporary and Permanent)
  • Accessing Public Healthcare in Mexico
  • Applying for Mexican Citizenship
  • Importing Your Pets
  • Getting Your Senior Citizen Discount Card

Fixed-Fee Consulting Package

The Relocation Consulting service gives you a direct line to an experienced, English-speaking immigration and relocation specialist based in-country with over a decade of experience helping foreigners to relocate to Mexico.

Consulting Package Price

Your paid package fee includes up to 3 hours of personal advice on any/all/combination of the service areas listed above. If you need more than 3 hours, you can optionally buy additional hours.

Consulting Package 3 Hours: US$225

Each additional hour (optional): US$85

To purchase this service, please complete the form below and our relocation consulting associates will contact you personally to organize your consulting package.

This is a fixed-fee purchase.  Payment will be requested by our consulting partner. You can pay using PayPal (or major credit/debit cards via PayPal). On completion of your payment, the consultancy will be scheduled.

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