Guide to Working and Self-Employment in Mexico

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Guide to working and self-employment in Mexico

While many foreigners moving to Mexico are doing so to retire, increasing numbers of working-age professionals are seeking to leave their home country and find a life abroad. Indeed, one of the major obstacles (or apparent obstacles) to moving to Mexico is earning a living here.

Job hunting in Mexico is a challenge, especially for foreign nationals. Every year, thousands of foreigners come to Mexico seeking work, ranging from, at the lowest level, informal and part-time work to, at the highest level, qualified, sponsored professionals and executives arriving in Mexico to peddle their expertise in a pre-defined field.

Topics Covered in guide to Working & Self Employment in Mexico

  • Economic overview for job seekers
  • Foreigners working in Mexico
  • Using your qualifications
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Seasonal and casual work
  • Teaching and translating
  • Voluntary work
  • Language: the importance of Spanish
  • Employment conditions in Mexico

Guide to Working & Self-employment in Mexico

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