Social Etiquette in Mexico

Social Circles

As you settle into your life in Mexico, you’ll begin to encounter distinct social graces and rules of social etiquette.

Learning and adapting to local customs and practices is an important—most seasoned expats would say critical—part of assimilating your lifestyle when living in an environment that is foreign to your primary culture.

It takes time and patience to adopt the ways and graces of a foreign culture and having some background knowledge can bring additional awareness and understanding ahead of time, so when you find yourself in real-life situations, you’ll be better placed to understand some of the nuances unfolding before you.

This Guide to Social & Business Etiquette in Mexico has been written to help you to navigate Mexico’s modern-day social etiquette, get a good grasp of the graces practiced in the local cultural environment and, it’s hoped, prevent you from committing unnecessary faux pas.

Topics Covered in Guide to Social & Business Etiquette in Mexico

  • Class and Society in Mexico
  • Language Formalities
  • Meeting and Greeting People
  • Use of Titles in Mexico
  • Eating Out and Dining Etiquette
  • Dress Code
  • Time and Punctuality
  • Gifts and Gift-Giving
  • Social Etiquette Miscellany
  • Local Knowledge Links
  • See Also: Business Etiquette

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