Mexico Real Estate: Key Facts

Key Facts About Mexican Real Estate

Key facts you need to know about investing in property and real estate in Mexico

Property prices in Mexico have risen substantially in recent years — especially near the coast — but value may be sought with time and patience, and coastal property in Mexico still trades for less that coastal property in the United States.  Property in Mexico can also surrender an annual rental income, depending on where the property is situated. The cost of ongoing ownership (especially maintenance and taxes) is also relatively low in Mexico.

Today, Mexico offers investors a wide choice of property options.

This page outlines the key facts about property ownership in Mexico. The accompanying guides in this section are comprehensive, dealing with matters such as buying real estate in Mexico, renting property in Mexico, working with realty professionals in Mexico and taking care of house maintenance and home security.

Mexico Real Estate Investment – Key Facts Summary

Foreigners CAN own property in Mexico

Foreigners can own property in Mexico, even near the border and along the coast, and you don’t need to have a resident permit in order to be a land-owner. Read our guide to buying real estate in Mexico for full details.

Long term accommodation in Mexico

If you plan to stay in Mexico for an extended period of time, it may be more cost-effective for you to seek some real-estate, either to rent or to own, in Mexico, instead of paying for hotels or apart-hotels. You may also want to consider Mexico as a destination to buy a second home, to rent out when you are not there if it’s near a vacation spot, and perhaps, even, as part of your retirement plans (see below).

Value for money real estate in Mexico

Whatever reasons you may have, a property investment in Mexico can offer good value for your money; but as with all property investments, you’ll need to do your homework first. Our latest articles about Mexico real estate share key local knowledge you need to help you with your research and planning.

Real estate for retirement in Mexico

If you plan to buy property and retire to it in Mexico, you will find that getting a permit to reside in Mexico is a formality provided that you can prove a regular income and fulfill the retirement criteria. Connect to the section on Mexperience about Retirement in Mexico for full details.

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