Guide to Realty Developments in Mexico

Real Estate Developers and Developments in Mexico

Buying your home via a real estate developer is one of the most popular ways to invest in property in Mexico.

Property developments in Mexico are modeled on property developments in other countries: developers acquire a large tract of land and arrange all the permissions to build on it. Then they create a residential community, often incorporating local amenities and leisure facilities into the design.

Many developments in Mexico are condominium buildings (condos), although there are also a large number of non-condo developments, for example, a collection of homes designed with a certain theme and built up around a golf course or parkland, next to the ocean or a lake.

An increasing number of ‘boutique’ developers are also appearing onto the market; creating smaller, intimate projects designed for simple, but comfortable, living in Mexico.

Modern developments are usually designed around a specific theme: they have a lifestyle concept entwined into their design. To create more than just a group of homes, developers often attempt to create a community or ‘village feel’ with each project. This adds intrinsic value to the properties and gives buyers additional incentives to acquire them.

The Guide to Realty Developments in Mexico helps you to understand real estate developments in Mexico, as well as the developers who build them, and guide you through some key aspects of this investment type; how they are built and marketed and what they offer that is distinct to other home purchases.

The guide will help you to make informed choices should you decide to buy property from a developer: directly or through the developer’s assigned agent.

Topics Covered in Guide to Realty Developments in Mexico

  • About Property Developments in Mexico
  • About Property Developers in Mexico
  • Prime Locations for Property Developments in Mexico
  • Buying Real Estate Off Plan in Mexico
  • Key Considerations for Buying a New Build Home in Mexico
  • Pros and Cons of Buying a New Build Home

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