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Mexico Lifestyle Consulting & Planning Assistance

Explore options, identify key matters, make informed choices, and form a coherent plan for your lifestyle in Mexico using our lifestyle consulting service

Getting a new perspective

There are lots of good, sensible reasons for moving to Mexico, but it takes consideration, research, and a plan to turn your lifestyle intentions into reality.

Our Mexico Lifestyle Consultancy service helps you explore options and identify key matters to consider, helping you to make informed choices and form a coherent plan for your intended lifestyle in Mexico. Our associates also help you to compile a shortlist of potential locations for you to live in Mexico and compose a written brief of the consultation for your reference.

Mexico lifestyle consulting & planning

The lifestyle consultancy service offered through Mexperience has been carefully designed and structured to assist as you consider choices for living, working or retirement in Mexico.

The consultation is structured in a way that enables the consultant to discover important aspects about your situation, identify potential issues and the impact they might have on your decisions, and answer specific questions and cover any concerns you have regarding a move to Mexico:

  • Help you to define your intentions
  • Consider realistic and viable options, based on your life stage, lifestyle choices and expectations
  • Determine if Mexico is a good fit for you, your partner, and family, as relevant
  • Address any specific questions or concerns you have in regard to moving to live, work or retire in Mexico
  • Help you to compile a shortlist of potential locations in Mexico that may suit your lifestyle needs and intentions
  • Give helpful insights and advice based on the consultant’s practical knowledge and real-life experience of having moved to and lived/worked in Mexico

Post-consultation written brief

After the consultation, your consultant will compose a personalized post-consultation briefing that summarizes the consultation and provides a planning document for you to make considered choices and help you progress to the next stages, as appropriate

How the consultation service works

The lifestyle consultants we work with know Mexico intimately and charge a fee per hour, so the consultancy flexes with your situation and your individual requirements.

Per-hour, flexible consultancy

Whether you want a brief conversation to explore certain aspects of a move to Mexico and answer some specific questions, or a more detailed and in-depth conversation that drills into the details of you intentions and your plans, our consultants can help.

Our consultants bill at US$99/hour with a one-hour minimum.  Any time over one hour is billed precisely as used.  And the written brief is included at no additional charge within the consultation service, regardless of how much time you hire.

How to make a service request

Start by browsing the profiles of our lifestyle consultants, and choose a consultant you would like to work with.

  • Complete the service request form on the consultant’s profile page, that includes a brief questionnaire so that the consultant will get an idea of your plans, pre-consult.
  • We’ll send you an email to confirm the request, and the consultant will contact you direct.
  • They’ll send you an information pack and a request for payment of the first hour of the consultancy.
  • They’ll schedule-in your consult, and any time over one hour they will bill you at the end of the consultation, after they send you the written brief.
  • Consultation times are flexible, and you only pay for the time you use.
  • The post-consultation written brief is included at no additional charge within the consultation service, and you don’t have to commit beyond the first hour.

Find and work with a Mexico Lifestyle Consultant

To hire one of our associate consultants, browse the profiles of our consulting partners and make a request.

Our lifestyle consulting associate will contact you personally to organize your consulting and assistance service.

Contact a Mexico Lifestyle Consultant