Relocating to Mexico

Planning a New Lifestyle in Mexico

There are lots of good, sensible reasons for moving to Mexico, but it takes consideration, research and a plan to make your move a success

Children in School Classroom

Schools and Education in Mexico

If you are living in Mexico with children of school-age, you will need to choose from the various institutions where they may gain a proper education during their stay here This guide gives you an overview of the private school system in Mexico as...

Steve Retirement Journey in Mexico

A Journey to Retirement in Mexico

What propels someone to uproot from Minnesota and move to Mexico? For Steve Timm, a chance meeting and a serendipitous visit changed the course of his life’s story


Finding Your Place in Mexico

To settle well and be content with a new lifestyle in Mexico, you'll need to seek compromise, be accepting, and learn how to craft your situations on Mexico's terms

Mexican Visa inside a foreign passport

Mexico Immigration Assistance

Our associates provide advice to apply for Mexican residency and practical help throughout the application process

Mexico Spotlight

Living in Mexico: Q&A

Key questions and answers people most frequently ask in relation to living in Mexico