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Living Overseas, Mexico Offers Depth of Choice and Benefits

When you’re considering a move abroad, making a plan that's founded on your core intentions will help to create a fruitful and sustainable new lifestyle

Sunrise in a colonial city in Mexico

The annual Internations survey of ‘best places to live in the world’ named Mexico at the top of its list for 2022.  The annual survey is a barometer of current perceptions as expressed by Internations’ members who are primarily foreign expats situated across the world, including those in Mexico.

Measure twice, cut once

These surveys help to raise awareness about certain places and offer some helpful snapshots concerning the current mood among those seeking or living lifestyles abroad, and the criteria measured for selecting the best destinations —quality of life, ease of settlement, and cost of living, etc. —are valid and universal attractions of living anywhere.

Moving overseas is a significant commitment of yours and your family’s time, resources, energy, and emotions, and your reasons for moving to any place abroad ought to be considered with careful deliberations founded on your core lifestyle intentions.

Consider what you’re seeking from a lifestyle in Mexico

Mexico offers genuine substance and value to foreign residents, and to figure out what you’re seeking from a new lifestyle here, it’s helpful to define your intentions and consider whether Mexico is right for you—and your partner and family, if relevant.

To achieve this, you need to step back from the idealistic portrayals often espoused by those ‘living the dream’ narratives so often seen published and:

  • take a mindful pause and define your lifestyle intentions;
  • consider what matters are important to you and those close to you;
  • overlay those things with what Mexico offers for living and lifestyle; and
  • consider how you’ll navigate the compromises you’ll inevitably have to make when you come and live here.

Lifestyle planning requires focus and support

The core intentions of any activity become the tip of that activity’s arrows.  You can never plan for every potential outcome, but having a clear idea about your core intentions will give you an anchor that you can repair to through the inevitable periods of uncertainty and doubt that will arise as you move and settle-in to a new and different life situation in Mexico.

The matter of considering and defining your lifestyle intentions, and how Mexico does or does not fit well with those, is an important and substantial subject that is covered in-depth in our detailed free eBook Guide to Living and Retirement in Mexico.

If you prefer to talk to someone who has already made the journey and formed a fruitful lifestyle here, consider connecting with one of our Mexico Lifestyle Consultants.

A wealth of local knowledge, resources, and connections

When you’re exploring the possibilities that Mexico offers, Mexperience provides a comprehensive online resource that enables you to discover opportunities and temper the unbridled enthusiasm that’s sometimes painted by idealistic notions of living abroad.

The information we publish and share helps you to make considered choices, formulate a plan, and shows how you can realize that plan through constructive and sustainable changes in lifestyle.

Begin exploring your choices for a new and different life in Mexico:

Detailed guidance to help you plan your Mexico lifestyle

Our Mexico Lifestyle Consultants help you to explore options, identify key matters, make informed choices, and form a coherent plan for your lifestyle in Mexico.

Learn more and find a lifestyle consultant to help you

Obtaining assistance

Our associates provide helpful assistance services which provide key support for your Mexico lifestyle plans.  These include:

  • Lifestyle consulting – hire one of our experienced consultants to help you set out you plan for a new lifestyle in Mexico.
  • Immigration assistance when you need help with your with your residency permits.
  • Insurance services – mitigate the effects of unforeseen events with coverages for your vehicle, home, health and travel.
  • Professional services – when you need counsel or advice about property, commercial or legal matters in Mexico.
  • Real estate assistance – when you need help finding a property in Mexico.
  • Spanish language study – obtain help when you want to learn or improve your Spanish.
  • Leisure time – with Mexico on your doorstep, our travel associates can help you see more of it with carefully crafted custom tours that help you to make the most of your leisure time.