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Key Factors to Consider as You Plan Your Lifestyle in Mexico

Regardless of your life stage, there are some key elements you ought to consider as you make your lifestyle plans and prepare for a move to Mexico

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Taking time to consider these key factors will help you to step back and define your intentions, discover what lifestyles Mexico offers, identify opportunities of interest to you, weight up the compromises, consider your options, and plot a course based on the things that are important to you.

Creating a realistic and workable lifestyle plan

This article outlines key factors which, when taken into consideration in turn, will help you to weave together the principal components to create a realistic and workable lifestyle plan in Mexico.

Mexperience offers comprehensive local knowledge to guide you through every one of these areas, as well as helpful contacts who can help to facilitate your plans.

Foundation work for your Mexico lifestyle planning

Some people move to Mexico on a whim (with varying results); however, when you look under the hood of the stories about people who have made a beneficial move to Mexico, they tend to be underpinned by the presence of a lifestyle plan. When you’re considering a move to Mexico it makes sense to take a step back and:

  • define your lifestyles intentions;
  • take key considerations into account based on your personal situation;
  • be mindful about where in Mexico to live, taking care to match your true needs with the locations you consider;
  • consider the requirements for legal residency;
  • prepare for the practicalities of the physical move; and then
  • plan to deal with essential matters related to settling-in and adapting to a new culture and lifestyle in Mexico: by yourself, or with your partner or family.

Retirement planning in Mexico

If you plan to move to Mexico to retire (or to eventually retire here), you ought to consider matters related specifically to retirement planning and retirement lifestyles in Mexico.

Although retired people don’t carry the challenges and stresses of a working life —holding down a job, raising children, and keeping wolves from the door— retirement does bring other challenges.

Becoming informed by using practical guidance to help you make constructive plans, identifying and mitigating the risks associated with retirement abroad, and learning about key elements which often underpin a fruitful and abundant retirement lifestyle in Mexico can help you to make better choices.

Discovering places to live in Mexico

The place where you decide to live is a personal choice; it’s also subjective, and important.  Where you choose to live in Mexico can make or break your lifestyle plans and aspirations, so taking time to pause and consider your needs in relation to a place is sensible and preferable to making an impulsive decision based on assumptions which are often conceived in haste and based on limited knowledge and experience of a location and its attributes.

Matching your needs with your location is one of the cornerstone choices you will make as you plan a move to Mexico, and Mexperience offers insights and local knowledge to help you make considered choices.

Practical essentials for everyday living in Mexico

When you have committed to the move and find yourself in Mexico, you will face an entire raft of practical matters which are relevant to everyday living here, regardless of your life stage and other circumstances.

These include things like finding a property to rent or buy, adapting to local climates, keeping healthy and well, engaging with the language, keeping in touch, getting around using transport options, caring for your pets, as well as wide assortment of everyday practical matters like tipping and bargaining, and the water supply—to name a few.

Taking this pathway to adaptation is necessary and, although at times it may be challenging and confusing to you, it will form an essential part of your overall experience and provide a foundation from which you will learn to cultivate a fruitful lifestyle here.

When you’re settled, there are always day-to-day matters to contend with, that will form part of your new lifestyles and life experiences.   Mexperience offers ample insights to help you navigate these stages of change and transformation in your lifestyle.

Connect to additional resources

Knowledge, resources, and helpful contacts will play a defining role in your lifestyle planning and move to Mexico.  Mexperience helps you on your journey to discovering opportunities, making informed choices, and turning your lifestyle plans into reality.

Getting started

Mexperience is filled with practical insights and local knowledge to help you consider your intentions, set out a plan, and make the move to Mexico:

  • Our Mexico Lifestyle Planning section contains articles and guides to help you plan a new lifestyle, or consider how to reform an existing lifestyle here
  • Discover Places to Live in Mexico helps you find and compare key locations across Mexico—from the most popular, to new emerging areas as well as places off the beaten track
  • When you’re looking for a property, our Mexico Home Finders section can connect you to local realty professionals and showcases outstanding homes for sale
  • The Mexico Home Life section provides practical insights that help you to cultivate your lifestyle in Mexico every day
  • Free eBooks: Browse and download our Free eBooks about Mexico, including the comprehensive Guide to Living & Retirement in Mexico

Detailed guidance to help you plan your Mexico lifestyle

Our Mexico Lifestyle Consultants help you to explore options, identify key matters, make informed choices, and form a coherent plan for your lifestyle in Mexico.

Learn more and find a lifestyle consultant to help you

Obtaining assistance

Our associates provide helpful assistance services which provide key support for your Mexico lifestyle plans.  These include:

  • Lifestyle consulting – hire one of our experienced consultants to help you set out you plan for a new lifestyle in Mexico.
  • Immigration assistance when you need help with your with your residency permits.
  • Insurance services – mitigate the effects of unforeseen events with coverages for your vehicle, home, health and travel.
  • Professional services – when you need counsel or advice about property, commercial or legal matters in Mexico.
  • Real estate assistance – when you need help finding a property in Mexico.
  • Spanish language study – obtain help when you want to learn or improve your Spanish.
  • Leisure time – with Mexico on your doorstep, our travel associates can help you see more of it with carefully crafted custom tours that help you to make the most of your leisure time.

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