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Access Specially Negotiated Rates at Hotels Across Mexico

HotelPlanner offers Mexperience readers specially negotiated rates at hotels in Mexico. Their team specializes in finding the best prices for accommodations

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Mexico offers an ample range of hotel types with price levels to suit every budget: whether you’re looking for somewhere extraordinarily special to stay as part of an occasion, or a simple room for an overnight stay near an airport—you can find it in Mexico.

Accommodation bookings online

Hotel reservations are almost always booked online with most travelers tending to check at least a couple of sites, comparing available rooms, and making a buying decision based principally on location, travel dates, and prices within the range they want to spend for that trip.

When HotelPlanner can help

Online hotel booking portals are ideal when you’re in the market to get the best available room rate at a hotel and you’re flexible with your plans.  For example, when you…

  • need a simple hotel to rest at before an early flight the next morning;
  • are taking a road trip across Mexico and need accommodations, perhaps spontaneously;
  • have been invited to a wedding or event in Mexico and need a local hotel to stay at;
  • plan to attend a meeting or conference and need accommodations for the trip;
  • need longer hotel stay (they offer special discounts for long stays); or
  • need to arrange last-minute accommodations at the best available rate…

…HotelPlanner offers you a quick and simple way to browse available accommodations at the destination you want on the dates you intend to travel and make secure online reservations using a streamlined booking process.

Longer stays

When you’re seeking accommodations for longer stays in Mexico, perhaps as a base for a discovery visit when you’re thinking about moving to Mexico, or while you search for a long-term rental or house to buy, HotelPlanner offers discounts for long term stays.

Browse and book at specially negotiated rates

Hotel Planner is a Florida-based travel company that specializes in working with hotels to negotiate special rates for travelers who book through the company’s associate sites—and they’ve set up a portal for Mexperience readers to browse and book at their specially negotiated room rates.

You can browse and book online for hotels across Mexico as well locations in the US, Canada, and other cities worldwide.

Book hotels at specially negotiated rates

When you’re in the market for a hotel night, browse the specially negotiated rates offered by our associate, HotelPlanner.  Their team works to negotiate highly competitive rates at hotels across Mexico, the US and Canada—as well as other cities worldwide.

HotelPlanner is a leading travel technology company that specializes in selling specially negotiated hotel rates.  The company is registered in the US with the following: IATA: 10766055; DUNS: 837352702; Tax ID: 272853555; CA Corporation No.: C2525021.  Mexperience is not an agent or intermediary between HotelPlanner and its customers.