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Mexico Lifestyle Consulting Offered by Greg Custer

Make informed choices and form a coherent plan for your intended lifestyle in Mexico with this personalized consultancy offered by Greg Custer

Greg Custer - Mexico

There are lots of good, sensible reasons for moving to Mexico, but it takes consideration, research, and a plan to turn your lifestyle intentions into reality.

Our Mexico lifestyle consultant, Greg Custer, helps you explore options and identify key matters to consider, helping you to make informed choices and form a coherent plan for your intended lifestyle in Mexico. He’ll also help you to compile a shortlist of potential locations to live in Mexico and compose a written brief of the consultation for your reference.

About Greg Custer

Greg Custer was born and raised in California. He spent 25 years based in Oregon where he raised his family of three children and from where he led a thriving Mexico tourism consultancy business.

In 2015 he and his wife migrated to Lake Chapala with his Mom, who lived in assisted living lakeside, and he is now a permanent resident.  Greg’s an integral part of the highland lakeside community in Chapala, Jalisco; surrounded by volcanic mountains, facing Mexico’s largest freshwater lake.  His expertise includes:

  • Greg’s focus over the past 40 years has been educating travel agents around the world about Mexico, working on behalf of Mexico’s Tourism Ministry from 1992-2018.
  • He’s based in Ajijic, on Lake Chapala —Mexico’s largest long-established community of foreign expats— where he actively helps potential foreign residents to consider their options, and existing residents to settle-in to their new lifestyles here.
  • His detailed knowledge about the country and its culture provides unique insights to people seeking Mexico lifestyle options and opportunities.
  • Greg holds a BA and Master degree in Latin American Studies from UCLA.

Greg is also founder of Choosing Mexico, helping people to connect with Mexican pueblo lifestyles. He has a valuable depth of knowledge and experience about moving to and living in Mexico, including having visited and written about all of Mexico’s 32 states.

Mexico lifestyle consulting & planning

This lifestyle consultancy service has been carefully designed and structured to assist as you consider choices for living, working or retirement in Mexico.

The consultation is structured in a way that enables the consultant to discover important aspects about your situation, identify potential issues and the impact they might have on your decisions, and answer specific questions and cover any concerns you have regarding a move to Mexico:

  • Help you to define your intentions
  • Consider realistic and viable options, based on your life stage, lifestyle choices and expectations
  • Determine if Mexico is a good fit for you, your partner, and family, as relevant
  • Address any specific questions or concerns you have in regard to moving to live, work or retire in Mexico
  • Help you to compile a shortlist of potential locations in Mexico that may suit your lifestyle needs and intentions
  • Give helpful insights and advice based on the consultant’s practical knowledge and real-life experience of having moved to and lived/worked in Mexico

Post-consultation written brief

After the consultation, Greg will also compose a personalized post-consultation briefing that summarizes the entire consultation and provides a planning document for you to make considered choices and progress to the next stages, as appropriate

How the lifestyle consultancy works

Greg Custer offers consultancy at US$99 per hour, with a 1-hour minimum, and time billed precisely as used after the first hour.

  • Complete the service request form below, that includes a brief questionnaire so that Greg will get an idea of your plans, pre-consult.
  • We’ll send you an email to confirm the request, and Greg will contact you direct.
  • He’ll send you an information pack and a request for payment of the first hour of the consultancy.
  • Your consultation will be scheduled, and any time over one hour will be billed to you at the end of the consultation.
  • Typically, a full consultation is about 3 hours, including the composition of the post-consultation written brief.
  • If you want an exploratory conversation to begin with, perhaps to discuss some particular matters and get answers to some key questions you may have, you don’t have to commit beyond the initial hour.

Make a service request

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    Greg Custer bills at US$99 per hour, and will bill you for the first hour of consultancy in advance.
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