Mexican History

Chocolate, Xocolatl

Chocolate’s Odyssey

The Aztecs offered their highly esteemed beverage 'xocolatl' to Hernán Cortés believing that he was a god

Mexico Lindo y Querido

Mexico Lindo y Querido

Mexico Lindo y Querido has become established as one of most esteemed mariachi ballads of all time

Posters for Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Mexico

Cinco De Mayo in Mexico

It had been mentioned that Mexico's Cinco de Mayo holiday is more celebrated among Mexicans in the U.S. than it is in Mexico

Mexican Beer

The Story of Mexican Beer

Mexican beer production began to flourish in the late 19th century and today Mexico is among the world's largest beer producers

Mexico's Constitution

Mexico’s Constitution

February 5th is a national holiday in Mexico that marks the enactment of its Constitution

La Malinche Statue Mexico City

Woe is The Malinchista

The expression 'malinchista' harks back five centuries to the native woman Malinche, who served as interpreter for Hernán Cortés