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Travel Preparations

The information on this page can help you with most aspects of Business Travel arrangements to Mexico…


If you are planning a business trip to Mexico, then part of that planning should include getting to know the part of Mexico that you will be visiting, as well as any nearby areas, either to give you information for light conversation with your contacts in Mexico, and / or so that you can take some time out and see some of the local attractions…

Whether you’re traveling to the Major Cities, near one of Stunning Coastal Locations, visiting some of the Colonial Cities, experiencing the Archaeology Parks, or a combination of these, Mexperience can help you discover them all.

If you’re an active person, you may also want to explore the possibility of taking part in Mexico’s Great Outdoors.

If you’re feeling stressed after some tough negotiating, why not explore the opportunity to relax and unwind at one of the quality Spas nearby?

If you’re looking for ideas about the type of hotels and resorts you might like to stay out, visit our Mexico Hotels page, where you’ll find hotels categorized by type including, for example, hotels with golf courses.

Wherever you need to do business in Mexico, you’ll need to do some pre-trip planning, and Mexperience is the perfect place to get yourself informed. This guide has been written to help you learn about the key things you need to know and plan for your next business visit to Mexico.


Pre-Trip Planning: Mexico Essentials

Whether you’re going to Mexico exclusively for business, or intend to mix business with pleasure, you’ll need to make some pre-trip travel plans.

Connect to the Mexperience Mexico Essentials guide, where you will find a practical guide covering just about everything you will need to know about planning a trip to Mexico, whether it’s your first business trip to Mexico, or if you’re returning after previous visits.


Staying in Touch – Communications in Mexico

Mexico offers business travelers a well-developed communications network featuring telephones, excellent cell phone coverage, mobile and fixed line high-speed internet, access to postal courier services, as well as an abundance of internet cafes in every town and city.

Staying in touch on the move is essential when you’re traveling on business.

Our guide to Communications in Mexico shows you how to make the best use of Mexico’s communications networks and how to keep your costs under control in a country that is well known for its high communications costs.


Learning Spanish

Whether you want to learn a few phrases, or start to make a real effort to learning Spanish, the Learn Spanish guide on Mexperience can help you make your first (or next) steps in learning Spanish.

The guide shares useful information about learning Spanish, offers a series of free Spanish lessons online and also contains details of Spanish Language courses you can undertake at language schools in Mexico. If you’re serious about doing business in Mexico, then you should be serious about leaning Spanish, too.


Getting to and Around Mexico

Getting to Mexico and knowing how to get around effectively when you arrive here are essential if you’re going to make the best use of your time.

Our Getting Around Mexico guide is comprehensive and includes guides to air travel, taxi travel, bus travel, driving in Mexico, car rental, using toll roads, as well as other local public transport options like metro systems and local buses.


Car Rental

For maximum flexibility, you might consider renting a car for your next business trip in Mexico.

Our guide to Car Rental in Mexico explains everything you need to know about renting cars in Mexico, and you can arrange your rental car with Mexperience online—we offer pick-ups from all of Mexico’s key airports as well as principal towns and cities across the country using Hertz car rental.


Taxis Travel in Mexico

Taxis can be an effective and economical way to get around in Mexico; they are plentiful and very affordable in comparison to taxi fares in places like the USA and western Europe.

Certain precautions must be taken when hiring a taxi, especially so in Mexico City. Read our guide to Taxi Travel in Mexico and you’ll arrive here fully prepared to find the right taxi for your needs at the best price.


Business Accommodation

When you’re traveling on business, you’ll want to find a hotel that is situated in the right location and which offers the right services and amenities for your business needs. Our full-time team of hotel account managers are responsible for negotiating great rates at Mexico’s best hotels.

Mexperience offers you recommendations for hotels in Mexico at over 55 popular destinations, including Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. If our recommendations do not suit your needs, just one click will present you with a full list of hotels at a location of your choice.


Golf Courses

A round of golf to network and build relationships is as important in business circles in Mexico as it is elsewhere in the world. A couple of rounds can help you to develop that all-important relationship with your contacts and start to build rapport that will lead to (better) business with them. Mexico is host to no less than 3 of the world’s top 10 golf courses.


Night Life

From late night bars, restaurants and Mexican theme parties to modern techno night clubs, there’s something for everyone looking for nocturnal life in Mexico. To find out what night life is available at the locations you are traveling to, check out the individual travel guide to the locations you’re planning to visit.


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