Home Security in Mexico

Home Security and Insurance in Mexico

Home security is an important aspect of home management in any country, whether you own or rent a property, and Mexico is no exception.

Contrary to popular thought, Mexico is not as dangerous, nor indeed as violent, as some may have you believe. The country has tight gun and lethal knife laws (gun ownership is not widespread) and violent crime, outside of certain areas and certain criminal circles, is quite rare.

Nonetheless, burglary and other residential crime is an issue that needs to be considered when you are living in Mexico, especially in the larger towns and cities and when you are away from your home for extended periods, leaving the house empty or unattended.

The Guide to House Maintenance & Home Security in Mexico will explain how to secure your home in Mexico and mitigate the most common risks associated with home security.

Topics Covered in Guide to House Maintenance & Home Security in Mexico

  • Securing Your Home
  • Knowing Your Neighborhood
  • Common Security Features
  • Home Insurance
  • Closed Streets & Gated Communities
  • Unattended Properties
  • Private Security
  • See Also: House Maintenance


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