Eco Energy Efficient Houses and Homes in Mexico

Eco Homes in Mexico

Although the concept of “eco housing” has become predominant in recent years, the concept of an ecologically-sound—which in many respects means ‘energy efficient’—home development is not new at all.

However, as the subject of ecology and energy have taken center stage in world affairs, new companies have sprung-up to develop new techniques, materials and technologies to make houses more efficient and ecologically-friendly; and existing companies, which previously worked in ‘niche’ markets have found renewed and expanded interest in the work they have been undertaking for years.

If you are building a home in Mexico—or renovating an existing home—Mexico’s natural environment offers you a plethora of ecologically-friendly and energy-saving choices.

Furthermore, there is added incentive for you to be energy efficient in Mexico, as electricity and gas may cost more than you may be used to paying in your home country (although with energy costs rising world-wide, the gap is narrowing even in countries where domestic energy is less expensive than Mexico).

The Guide to House Eco & Energy Efficient Homes in Mexico gives you a solid introduction to the principal options, techniques and materials which you may consider for building a new home, renovating an existing home or transforming your house in Mexico into a more energy-efficient and thus ecologically-friendly dwelling.

Topics Covered in Guide to Eco & Energy Efficient Homes in Mexico

  • Planning for Energy Efficiency
  • Design Your Mexican Home Efficiently
  • Use of Natural Materials
  • Using Solar Energy
  • Gardens and Landscapes
  • Light and Lighting Systems
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Use of Water and Sewerage
  • Useful Web Sites

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