Guide to Real Estate in Mexico

Buying & Selling Real Estate

The most comprehensive guide to real estate in Mexico, fully updated and presented as a free PDF eBook

Our free comprehensive guide to real estate in Mexico helps you to understand the essentials of property in Mexico including buying, selling, renting, insuring your property, finance options, as well as sections on timeshare, fractional ownership and working with realty agents.  Download your free copy today.

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The Mexperience guide to real estate in Mexico includes:

  • Property essentials – learn about key concepts and legal aspects of buying and owning real estate in Mexico
  • Financing Mexican real estate – a chapter on the various ways buyers fund their property purchases in Mexico
  • Sections on understanding Timeshare and fractional ownership of property in Mexico
  • Property insurance – an entire chapter to help you learn how to protect your valuable asset
  • Property rental – understanding the property rental market in Mexico
  • Buying real estate – comprehensive outline of the procedures, legal matters and choices buyers need to make
  • Selling your home in Mexico – valuing your property, routes to market, and marketing and selling your home

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