Detailed Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico 2024

Cost of Living in Mexico

A detailed and comprehensive guide to calculating living costs in Mexico — fully updated.

How much does it cost to live in Mexico?

This is the most frequently asked question people considering a move to Mexico ask. The answer to this question depends on your life stage, lifestyle choices and expectations…

How much does it cost to live in Mexico?

The basic cost of living in Mexico is lower than that of the US, Canada and Europe; particularly for items such as fruits, vegetables and other food staples; baked goods, and other miscellaneous grocery items.

Local and national public transportation is generally lower in cost than the U.S. and Canada and much lower than in Europe. Competition has been introduced across the domestic Mexican airline market and low-cost airlines are beginning to make a significant difference to domestic air-travel fares on popular routes, which were relatively expensive before real competition was present.

Prices for electricity are relatively* high unless your monthly consumption remains below a certain level, in which case government subsidies can help keep your electric costs quite low.

Telephone service prices are being transformed in Mexico after legal reforms brought in during 2014 and early 2015 have made calling from landlines less expensive than it has ever been before in Mexico.

Piped water to your home is relatively inexpensive, but not always potable (drinkable). As a result, most people purchase bottled water, often in 20 liter containers.

A growing range of items, especially some types of clothing, domestic appliances, audio/visual equipment, technology, e.g. Smart Phones computers, computer software, and cameras, are more expensive than identical items sold in the USA. Cars cost slightly more in Mexico than equivalent models in the US.

In popular locations, Rents in Mexico can be equal to rents found in equivalent-sized US towns or cities. In less popular (or less well known / off the beaten track) towns and cities, you may find good quality accommodation at far lower rents that you would pay for the equivalent space in the US.

Our detailed free eBook about the cost of living covers all of these topics, and many more, to help you formulate a budget that’s realistic and based on your individual lifestyle situation and choices.

Detailed Cost of Living Guide – Continually updated

The Mexperience Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico helps you work out a living budget, whether you plan to live here full or part time, come to work, study, take a sabbatical or retire. The guide will enable you to calculate likely living costs in Mexico based on your individual lifestyle choices.

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