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The United States of Mexico is governed by a congressional system where the President of the republic is both head of state and head of the government. Mexico is a multi-party democracy where voters nationally elect a President to serve a six-year non-renewable term in office. The Federation, made up of 31 States and Mexico City is divided into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, as set out by Mexico’s Constitution.
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A little less than 250 miles northwest of Mexico’s capital is Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara, situated in the state of Jalisco. With five million inhabitants, it’s less than a quarter of the size of Mexico City. Guadalajara is an important city: colorful and vibrant, it’s also one of Mexico’s colonial treasures. Guadalajara is often described as the “most Mexican of all Mexico’s cities”, because the culture here is traditionally Mexican in so many ways, and because several products firmly associated with Mexico emanate from here.
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Guanajuato (gwah-nah-HWAH-toh) is a colonial gem sitting in a valley around 220 miles northwest of Mexico City. This picturesque city was built using the enormous wealth generated from the silver mines that enjoyed their heyday during the 17th and 18th centuries; during this period, Guanajuato was the source for one-third of the world’s silver.
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Guelaguetza is a Zapoteca word meaning “active cooperation”; it is a gift that evokes reciprocity expressed by music, dance and songs. The festival, which takes place annually on the two Mondays following July 16th, is part of the Fiestas de los Lunes del Cerro (Monday Festivities on the Hill) in Oaxaca City, a tradition that has been celebrated for more than 500 years. This is a unique festival with significant historical and cultural roots. The contribution of indigenous culture and traditions is so important during the Lunes del Cerro celebrations, that they have come to be known simply as the Guelaguetza.
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The Mexican State of Guerrero is in southwestern Mexico. The State is named after Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s second president who was also a prominent leader in the country’s independence movement. It is the only Mexican state named after a president. Guerrero is home to the iconic resort of Acapulco, as well as the beach resorts of Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo, and Taxco—a colonial city famed for its sale of silver craftwork. Tourism is the most important economic activity in the State.
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Mexico’s gun laws are similar to those in countries like the United Kingdom that do not tolerate possession of certain lethal firearms. This is in stark contrast to the laws of the United States, whose constitution allows citizens to generally own and carry firearms on their person.
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