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Yaxchilán (yax-chee-LAN), which means “Place of Green Stones” in Mayan, is a place of wondrous temples, plazas, and story-telling carvings and sculptures. Poised on the banks of the Usumancinta river in the state of Chiapas (bordering neighboring Guatemala), this imposing compound has been swallowed by its surrounding jungle—ceiba and gum trees are home to chatty howler monkeys and toucans. Yaxchilán is where nature and man meet in inspiring harmony.
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The Mexican State of Yucatán is in south-eastern Mexico, occupying the northern part of the Yucatán Peninsula. Its capital city is Mérida. The state and region has a fascinating history which dates to the Maya civilization, and then a series of political twists and turns during and after the Spanish colonial era. During the late 19th century, Yucatán was best known for being the world leader in henequen (sisal) production, used for rope and twine on ships. Powerful henequen haciendas emerged due to the demand for the product; however, when synthetic fibers were discovered in the 20th century, the industry fell into steep decline. Today, Yucatan is one of Mexico’s most progressive States with a diverse economy that includes food, manufacturing, construction, and tourism. The State is also attracting significant attention from foreign residents as a place to live and work in Mexico.
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