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The State of Oaxaca (pronounced “wa-HAH-ka”) is one of Mexico’s richest states in terms of history, culture, archaeology, and ecology. Oaxaca was home to Benito Juárez, originally a servant-boy to an affluent family, and the man who would become Mexico’s first president as well as one of Mexico’s most revered historical characters. Oaxaca City offers a blend of experiences and attractions, including an engaging historical colonial center with cobbled streets, striking architecture, quiet plazas, and a fine central square often filled with soft sounds created by local musicians serenading people as they rest under the shade of its trees, as well as those taking some time to enjoy fine coffee and quiet conversation at one of the local cafés.
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The Olmec lived in the lowlands of present-day south-central Mexico, today the Mexican States of Veracruz and Tabasco. Olmecs are renowned for their “colossal heads” sculptures, a curated collection of which can be seen at La Venta museum in the colonial city of Villahermosa in the State of Tabasco.
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Mexico has one of the most diverse ecological systems in the world, offering a wide range of opportunities to experience the Great Outdoors. From deserts and coastal plains, to rivers, lakes, waterfalls, high mountains and volcanoes, jungles, and biospheres—if you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll value what Mexico has on offer. Virtually every region in Mexico offers some outdoors activities; currently popular pastimes include visiting the Monarch Butterflies as they overwinter in Mexico (November to March); Whale Watching (December to March); Copper Canyon (July – November is when the colors and most vibrant); and tours in the breath-taking region of Chiapas (year-round). Mexperience offers comprehensive travel guides and local knowledge to help you plan your outdoors activities in Mexico.
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