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Port of Manzanillo

Manzanillo, a port city on the shores of the Pacific coast, is one of Mexico’s hidden treasures: it’s a town that is distinctly Mexican in feel and atmosphere, friendly, laid-back with modern amenities and well-connected by road and air links. It’s an ideal place for people seeking an ocean-side lifestyle in a quintessential non-commercialized Mexican town by the sea…

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About Real Estate in Manzanillo

The port town of Manzanillo is situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico, and has two parts: the resort area on the Santiago peninsula, and the busy commercial area downtown and to the south. Although Manzanillo is a busy and important port town on Mexico’s west coast, it still retains a tranquil, laid back, feel and authentic Mexican atmosphere.

Manzanillo is an ideal location for anyone seeking a more relaxed way of living amidst an authentic, non-commercialized Mexican beach town.

This is a small city, home to around 200,000 residents. It’s host to one of the country’s important commercial ports, a naval base, and a unobtrusive tourism scene that is characterized by quiet family holidays, and cruise ship visitors.

Fore residents, the city is well served by an ample range local amenities including major supermarkets, cinemas, gyms, and a as well as a wide selection of restaurants and bars.  Manzanillo has not become over-populated with foreign residents, but the expat community here is vibrant (especially in the winter months, when many part-timers arrive to escape the cold) with opportunities to participate in various social groups and activities including a range of sports, golf (there are four golf courses here), and hiking in the mountains which provide a beautiful backdrop to this ocean-side location.  The warm climate in this region, especially between late autumn and early spring, lends itself perfectly to outdoor pastimes and activities.

As Manzanillo remains largely undiscovered, and has not become a favored ‘hot spot’ for Mexican or foreign investors, property prices here offer some of the best value you’ll find in Mexico’s ocean-side towns and cities.