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Mexico Newsletter —
August 2021

This month: Land border update; High summer; Discovering Manzanillo; Rural living in Mexico; Earthquake preparedness; Drinking water, swimming pools...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — August 2021

Land border restrictions have been extended to August 21st, 2021

Mexico’s land border restrictions have been extended again; however, we are hearing that American citizens are driving and walking into Mexico without hindrance.  Tourist permits (FMMs) and temporary vehicle import permits (TIPs) are being issued as normal.  This article summarizes the restrictions and the comments section contains anecdotal notes left by local travelers. Note that Flights between the US and Mexico are not affected by this restriction, although international passengers flying to the US need to get tested and Canada has introduced testing requirements for people entering the country via its land border.

August highlights in Mexico

August heralds the peak of the summer season in Mexico: the refreshing rain season is in full swing, school children are on holiday, and while Mexico doesn’t come to a standstill as many European countries do during the month of August, the rhythm certainly feels more gentle as people ease themselves into a summer mood.

We’ve updated our guides and information about Manzanillo—a largely undiscovered gem on Mexico’s Pacific coast: if you’re looking for a beach town to live in that’s very affordable and authentically Mexican, read our feature about Manzanillo; our realty partner there will be pleased to assist with discovery visits.

Mexico’s beach locations are entering their most hot and humid period of the year, whereas the colonial highlands remain temperate due to their high elevation.  This month’s newsletter includes some articles about climates in different places across Mexico’s diverse topography.

If you’re looking for travel inspiration, consider a train ride through the magnificent Copper Canyon; and there’s a reminder that the Monarch Butterflies are due back to overwinter in Mexico from November—peak butterfly viewing season is mid-January to late February.

This month’s newsletter is filled with our usual assortment of insights and practical tips and connections to help you discover places and opportunities, and to experience more of Mexico.  Find a comfortable space to settle and take time to enjoy reading through this month’s selection of articles and guides.  We wish you and yours a tranquil and very enjoyable high summer season.

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  • The rains returned to the Copper Canyon in July, when the rivers swell and the flora bloom, making summer the most popular time of year for visitors to take a journey on the Copper Canyon train.
  • Planning ahead: a gentle reminder that the Monarch Butterflies will be overwintering in Mexico from November.
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Mexico’s gradual and phased reopening

Mexico continues to undergo a phased reopening of its economic, cultural, educational, and social activities.  Each region and municipality is implementing a custom reopening plan based on a color-coded ‘traffic light’ system so the restrictions vary depending on each region and/or locality.

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