Guide to Driving and Preparing for Road Trips in Mexico

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Mexperience offers detailed guides for anyone who intends to drive in Mexico, whether you bring your foreign-plated car on a road trip, rent a car locally, or live here and own a car.

A safe and enjoyable road trip across Mexico, whether you come for leisure, for work, or to travel from and to your home here, requires some forethought, planning, and preparation.

Enjoy Mexico by road

The experience of driving in Mexico is captivating and rewarding. Driving your own vehicle across Mexico’s extensive and well-developed road network provides an ideal way for you to explore these diverse lands and become acquainted with the local topography, the regions, the culture, and the local people in ways that no other means of transport can match.

Mexperience articles are packed with local knowledge and advice that helps you prepare for your road trips and connects you to additional knowledge and helpful assistance services on Mexperience.

Prepare for your road trip in Mexico

Mexperience offers detailed guides for anyone who intends to drive in Mexico, whether you bring your foreign-plated car on a road trip, rent a car locally, or live here and own a car, for example:

  • when you’re bringing your foreign-plated car to Mexico, whether it’s for regular short trips across the border, for longer road trips, to live here part time, or full time;
  • when you plan to drive extensively in Mexico, whether you’re coming for an extended road trip or you plan to live in Mexico and drive regularly here;
  • for trip planning and safetythis guide offers practical advice and local knowledge for anyone who is driving in Mexico, whether you have a foreign-plated car, a Mexican-plated car, or if you plan to rent a car in Mexico;
  • to learn about dealing with breakdowns, accidents, and insurance claims, this guide offers comprehensive advice and guidance in case your vehicle breaks down, you’re involved in an accident, and arranging adequate insurance coverages for your vehicle and trip.

Comprehensive knowledge for drivers in Mexico

Mexperience offers a series of articles to help you plan and prepare for your road trip, drive confidently and safely with peace of mind when you’re on the road in Mexico:

Bringing a foreign-plated car to Mexico

Learn about what you need to know about bringing your US- or Canadian-plated car across the border into Mexico.

Mexico’s toll road network

To cut down journey times and make your road trip smoother and safer, we recommend you take the toll roads where these are available.  Learn about how Mexico’s extensive network of toll roads can be accessed.

Practical and safety tips for driving in Mexico

An entire section about about practical matters of driving in Mexico with insightful tips and guidance to stay safe and mitigate risks.

Vehicle security

A chapter with practical tips and advice for keeping your vehicle safe and secure while driving in Mexico.

Dealing with breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns can happen at anytime.  This section of the guide shares practical advice and insights about dealing with mechanical breakdowns when you’re in Mexico, and how to access assistance when you need it.

Dealing with accidents

Accidents, whether minor or serious, can be a cause of hassle and stress and if not properly mitigated, can create significant hardship for you.  Find out what the procedures are if you become involved in a minor or major accident in Mexico.

Vehicle insurance

Being properly insured with a policy that covers third party liability, roadside assistance and medical coverages helps you to drive with peace of mind across Mexico. Learn how auto insurance works in Mexico and how to get adequate insurance, breakdown, and medical coverages when you’re driving in Mexico.

Learn more about driving and road trips in Mexico

Mexperience offers local knowledge, tips, and guidance for driving and road trips in Mexico

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