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FAQs: Temporary Import Permit (TIP) for Vehicles in Mexico

You need to obtain a Temporary Import Permit to drive a foreign-plated vehicle into Mexico. This article answers commonly-asked questions about a vehicle TIP

US Mexico Border Crossing

This article contains a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Mexico’s Temporary Import Permit (TIP) for foreign-plated vehicles that get driven to Mexico.

In a related article, we explained the procedures for bringing a foreign-plated vehicle to Mexico.  This article provides a detailed list of FAQs about an essential document you need to obtain when you drive your vehicle to Mexico: a Temporary Import Permit, or TIP.

What is a vehicle Temporary Import Permit (TIP)?

A TIP is legal document that allows a foreign-plated vehicle to be imported to and driven in Mexico for a defined period of time.  The vehicle must be exported (driven out of Mexico) before the TIP’s expiry date.  If you fail to export the vehicle and surrender/cancel the TIP, you will lose your deposit, you will not be allowed to import another vehicle in future; and you can also face fines and have your vehicle confiscated.

Who needs a TIP?

Anyone who wants to bring a foreign-plated vehicle into Mexico and drive outside of the Free Zones.

The Free Zones are:

  • within 25km of the land border;
  • the entire Baja California peninsula;
  • a defined area in the northern state of Sonora; and,
  • the southern state of Quintana Roo.

If you intend to drive your car beyond the 25km border zone (checkpoints exist), or anywhere outside of a defined Free Zone, you must have a TIP to avoid fines and confiscation of the vehicle.

Who can apply for a TIP?

Visitors entering Mexico under the auspice of a Visitor permit (FMM) and holders of a Residente Temporal residency visa/card may apply for a TIP.

Important: Permanent Resident Card Holders and TIPs

If you are the holder of a Residente Permanente visa/card you cannot apply for a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) to bring your foreign-plated vehicle to Mexico.

If you’re a legal permanent resident in Mexico, you can drive your foreign-plated vehicle to Mexico without a TIP but the vehicle must remain inside one of the defined Free Zones at all times.  If you take your vehicle outside of the Free Zone, it will become subject to confiscation.

See also: How to bring your foreign-plated car to Mexico

Who issues the TIP?

Temporary Import Permits for foreign-plated vehicles are issued only by Banjercito, and by a limited number of Mexican Consulates (see below) who act as facilitators for Banjercito.  No other companies or agencies are authorized to issue the TIP and you should never deal with anyone other than Banjercito when buying a TIP.

How do I buy a TIP?

You can purchase a TIP in advance online, or at certain Mexican Consulates in the US, or you can purchase a TIP in person at a Banjercito office situated at major land crossing points.  The TIP carries an administrative fee, and you’ll also be required to leave a deposit. (The size of the deposit varies depending on the age of the vehicle.)  You will lose the deposit if you fail to export (drive out) the vehicle from Mexico before the TIP’s expiry date, or violate any other rules related to the TIP.

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How long is a TIP valid for?

A TIP is tied to your immigration document and its expiry date will be tied to the expiry date on your immigration document.

Entering with a Visitor Permit: If you enter Mexico under the auspice of a FMM (Visitor Permit) this is valid for a maximum of 180 calendar days from the date of your entry to Mexico.

Entering with a Residency Card: If you enter Mexico with your foreign plated vehicle under the auspice of a Residente Temporal card, the TIP will be valid for as long as the temporary residency status remains current.

Entering with a Residency Visa Sticker: See the section below titled: How does a TIP work when I arrive in Mexico with a Residente Temporal Visa? that describes the procedure involved if you bring a foreign plated vehicle to Mexico when you have a Residente Temporal sticker in your passport, and have not exchanged that for a residency card yet.

How many vehicles can I import to Mexico using a TIP?

Only one vehicle can be imported into Mexico per person. If you are traveling with your spouse or adult child (18 years or older), they may each register one car in their name.

There is one exception to the one-person, one-car rule: If you tow a car behind your RV, there is no need for second person to be traveling with you; but you must show proof of ownership for both vehicles, and both vehicles must be taken out of the country together when you leave.

A trailer does not count as a vehicle, but you need to show ownership of it and it must be exported with the vehicle towing it when you leave Mexico.

Motorcycles, ATVs, etc. If you are towing or carrying other single passenger motorized vehicles, these may be registered with the car that is towing or carrying them. You must show proof of ownership of all vehicles and you can only bring up-to three single-passenger vehicles—one each for up to three passengers traveling in the main vehicle. All vehicles must be exported together when you leave Mexico.

Can I leave Mexico if I have a foreign-plated vehicle here with a TIP?

When you bring your foreign-plated vehicle to Mexico, your TIP’s expiry date will either be tied to a Visitor Permit (FMM) or to a Temporary Residency Permit.

Whether you your TIP is tied to a Visitor Permit (FMM) or your Residente Temporal permit, you can leave Mexico without your vehicle and the vehicle will remain legal in Mexico for so long as the TIP remains current (not past its expiry date).

The TIP’s expiry date is tied the expiry date of the Visitor Permit or Residente Temporal permit you used when you brought your car to Mexico with its TIP.

You can leave Mexico (e.g. fly out) using your Visitor Permit (or Residente Temporal permit) to exit the country; you can get a new Visitor Permit when you return, or use your Residente Temporal card to re-enter Mexico in the usual way.  However, the expiry date on your TIP will not change and you must drive the vehicle out of Mexico before the TIP expires.

If you don’t drive the vehicle out of Mexico before the TIP’s expiry date, the vehicle will become illegal in Mexico and:

  • the insurance coverage will become invalid;
  • your vehicle may be confiscated and impounded; and
  • you will lose the deposit you paid to Banjercito.

The TIP’s expiry date is tied to the expiry date on the FMM you used when you first entered Mexico with your vehicle, or the expiration date of your temporary residency permit—cross check your TIP documentation for details.

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What documentation is needed to get a TIP?

To apply for a TIP, you will need to be in possession of certain supporting documentation.  We recommend you carry two black-and-white copies of each of these documents when you drive to Mexico:

  • A valid passport, or passport card;
  • Your Mexican immigration permit: if you are visiting Mexico as a tourist this will be your FMM; if you are a resident, your Residente Temporal visa or card. Residente Permanente visa/card holders are not allowed apply for a TIP—see yellow box below;
  • A non-Mexican driver’s license (with photo);
  • Original and photocopy of the title and registration of the vehicle issued by a foreign authority in the applicant’s name. If the title or registration is in the name of a spouse, a marriage certificate must also be presented. Only the titled owner of the vehicle and/or their spouse can get a TIP;
  • Proof of temporary Mexican auto insurance for the vehicle.

What if the vehicle is rented, leased, financed, or owned by a company?

If the vehicle you intend to drive into Mexico is not registered in yours or your spouse’s name, you will also need the following documentation to accompany your application:

Rented vehicles: If a rental car company allows you to drive one its vehicles into Mexico, you will need a notarized letter of permission from the rental car company.

Leased vehicles: If the vehicle under lease, you will need to show the lease contract and a notarized letter of permission from the leasing company.

Financed vehicles: If the vehicle is under a finance arrangement, you will need to show the credit contract and notarized letter of permission from the finance company giving permission for the car to be driven to Mexico.

Company car: If the vehicle is owned by a company (a company you own or a company you work for) you will need a notarized letter of permission (on headed paper) confirming the employment relationship and authorizing the employee to drive the vehicle into Mexico.

What is the TIP application procedure?

When you have your documentation gathered, you can begin to make the application for your vehicle’s TIP:

Where: You can apply online, or go to one of a defined list of Mexican Consulates in the US, or you can apply in-person a Banjercito office near one of the main land border crossings.

Declaration: You will be asked to sign a declaration, pledging to export the vehicle within the period for which the permit is valid and not disobey any other regulations related to the issuance of the TIP.

Payment: There is an administrative fee of around US$50 that can be paid with cash, or a non-Mexico issued credit card.  You cannot use a Mexico-issued credit card for this purchase; whether buying online or in-person.  The name on the card must match the name of the person on the TIP.

Deposit: In addition to the administrative fee, you will need to pay a deposit of between US$200 and US$400, depending on the age of the vehicle.  The deposit is refunded if the TIP is canceled/surrendered before its expiry date and no violations have taken place.  It can take some days or weeks for the refund to be returned to a credit card after cancelling/surrendering the TIP.

Holographic Windscreen Stickers Being Phased Out

In years past, vehicles with a TIP were issued with a special ‘holographic’ windscreen sticker that provided visual evidence of the vehicle’s legal status in Mexico.

Since January 1, 2020, Banjercito no longer issues holographic stickers for placement in the windshield and the permits are validated by email instead, although we recommend that you print out the documentation and keep it on-hand at all times, in case you cannot access your email if you are stopped and questioned about your vehicle’s presence in Mexico.  You may be asked to show proof the vehicle’s legal presence in the country at any military checkpoint and/or by federal or traffic police.

If your vehicle still has a holographic sticker that is still valid, it’s important that you leave it in place and do not remove it.  You should never remove the sticker yourself: the official at the Banjercito office at the border should do this for you when you cancel/surrender your permit.

Where can I buy a vehicle TIP?

Buying Online

You can still obtain a TIP in-person at the border but applying for the TIP via the Banjercito Website will speed the process and avoid potentially long lines at the border.

Note: If you apply online, you must first get your FMM online (or have your Temporary Residency visa or card issued) before you obtain the TIP.  When you get your FMM online, you must stop at the border and get immigration (INM) to stamp/validate the document.  Carry a printed copy of the FMM (or passport stamp) and your receipt to show proof of payment when you do this.

When approved, you will receive your TIP by email.  Print out your TIP and receipt and keep the printed copies with you while driving in Mexico.  Keep and use the email version only as verification of your TIP approval.

Buying in person at the Land Border

Temporary import permits may be purchased at CIITEV offices located at Customs offices near various U.S./Mexico border locations in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.  Check beforehand that the crossing you use has a CIITEV office.  When you apply in person, Banjercito will send an email with your TIP and hand you a printed copy of the TIP and your receipt.  Keep the email and paper copies to hand at all times while driving in Mexico.

Buying a TIP at a Mexican Consulate

A limited number of Mexican Consulates in the United States offer a TIP-issuing service.  Although the Consulate acts as facilitator, it is Banjercito that issues the permit.  Consulates in the following US States offer TIPs (we recommend you contact them beforehand to ensure that their TIP issuing service is available):

  • Arizona: Phoenix
  • California: Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Sacramento
  • Colorado: Denver
  • Illinois: Chicago
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque
  • Texas: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston

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How do I surrender and cancel my TIP when I drive out of Mexico?

A TIP must be cancelled and surrendered before its expiry date.

Once you have a TIP issued, the person whose name is on the register must drive the vehicle out of Mexico before the TIP’s expiry date and stop at the border to cancel/surrender the TIP.  This action notifies the Customs authority that you have exported the vehicle and complied with the rules.

If you do not stop at the land border and cancel/surrender your TIP (or forget), you will need to drive the vehicle back to a land border crossing to cancel the TIP.  You do not have to exit Mexico from the same port as you entered to cancel your TIP, but you must visit an approved Banjercito office to undertake the procedure.  Not all border crossings have a Banjercito office, check beforehand.

Your deposit will be refunded provided you have not overstayed in Mexico beyond the TIP’s expiry date and that you have not violated any conditions of the TIP.

What happens if I forget to surrender my TIP at the border?

You should always surrender your TIP, unless you plan to come back to Mexico in short order while the TIP remains current (not expired).

If you didn’t surrender your TIP before its expiry date, you will probably need to drive the same car back to a border crossing (it does not have to be the same one you entered through) and surrender it.

Some —but not many— Mexican consulates offer a ‘TIP Cancellation’ service. Contact your nearest Mexican consulate to ask if they do, or which one nearest to you does.

There are fees, penalties, and paperwork involved: it’s always best to surrender your TIP at the border.

What happens if I change from Residente Temporal to Residente Permanente while my foreign-plated car is in Mexico?

If your foreign plated vehicle is in Mexico when you exchange your temporary residency card for a permanent residency card you will need to export (drive the car out) from Mexico, unless the vehicle is, and will remain, inside one of the ‘Free Zones’ near the northern or southern border regions.

See How to bring your foreign-plated car to Mexico for more details about the options you have in this situation.

How does a TIP work when I arrive in Mexico with a Residente Temporal Visa?

There’s an additional procedure to take into account if you enter Mexico with a TIP and a Residente Temporal sticker in your passport. If you don’t undertake this procedure your car will not become illegal, but you will lose the deposit you left with Banjercito.

Visit your nearest Aduana (Customs) office for guidance

The procedure described below gives a general overview.  We advise you to visit your local Aduana (Customs) office and talk to an official there as the exact procedures can vary from place to place.

If you have been granted temporary residency in Mexico and have a Residente Temporal visa sticker in your passport (before you are issued the residency card) your TIP and FMM will have a 30 day limit documented, because this is the time frame you have to submit the paperwork to exchange your visa sticker for a residency card. If you already have a Residente Temporal card when you get your TIP this situation will not arise.

If you have the 30-day limit on your TIP, you need to go the immigration office nearest to your address in Mexico and process the paperwork for the exchange of your visa sticker for a residency card.  When you submit the paperwork, you will be given a printed receipt showing a NUT (Número Único de Trámite) reference.

Before the 30-day expiry date, you then need to go to your nearest Customs (Aduana) office, and present them with a letter (in Spanish) explaining that your residency card is in the process of being prepared, and give them a photocopy of the NUT receipt, and a copy of your passport.

When your card is issued, you will need to also give them a photocopy (front and back) of the residency card.  If the office where you are making the residency visa to card exchange gives you your residency card within the 30-day window, you can undertake this procedure in one visit to the Customs office once you have your residency card, with a letter explaining that your residency card is issued, and enclosing a copy of it.

If however the immigration office takes longer than 30 days to issue your residency card, you will first need to submit the letter stating you have applied for your residency card, a copy of the NUT receipt and your passport, and then return with a copy of your residency card when when it’s issued to you.

Once you have submitted the copy of the residency card to the Customs (Aduana) office, your TIP expiry date will become aligned with your Residency Card’s expiry date.

What if my foreign-plated vehicle is lost, stolen, or I abandon it in Mexico?

If you abandon your foreign-plated car in Mexico, you’ll have to pay Aduana (Mexican Customs) 40% tax on the car’s value. This rule was brought-in some while ago to discourage foreigners from abandoning or selling their foreign-plated cars and telling Mexican Customs they were lost or stolen.

There is an established process in place that prevents someone who has legitimately had their vehicle stolen (or suffered total loss of the vehicle in an accident) from having to pay the fee.

Proper documentation will be required to get the TIP cancelled, so a police report has to be filed, plus special forms have to be filed with the Mexican Customs office, and the hired services of a Mexican Notary Public will be needed to formalize all the paperwork to cancel the TIP of a stolen car.

While the authorities cannot prevent you from leaving if you don’t pay the tax, failure to do so will forfeit your rights to import any other foreign-plated vehicle to Mexico in future.

Donating your vehicle to Mexican Customs

If you want to dispose of your car, there is a procedure whereby you can “donate” it to Mexican Customs; you can find more information about that here on the Mexican SAT web site.

Some important points to note about Mexico’s vehicle Temporary Import Permits

  • TIPs cannot be extended or renewed. If you don’t export the vehicle (drive out) from Mexico before the expiry date and cancel the TIP, you lose the deposit you left at Banjercito and if you never cancel the TIP you’ll find it very difficult to import another foreign-plated vehicle to Mexico.
  • Only holders of a visitor permit (FMM) and a Residente Temporal visa/card may obtain a TIP.
  • Residente Permanente visa/card holders are not allowed apply for a TIP—also see the FAQ above about changing from temporary to permanent residency.
  • When your TIP is issued, you can drive the car back-and-fro across the land border provided the TIP remains valid.
  • You cannot cancel/surrender or obtain a new TIP anywhere within Mexico.
  • You cannot cancel/surrender a TIP online. The person who is named on the TIP must present the vehicle physically at a Banjercito office at the border to undertake the cancellation procedure.
  • If your vehicle has not been physically returned to a Banjercito office at the border and the TIP cancelled/surrendered, a new permit cannot be issued for that person or vehicle.
  • Hybrid and Electric vehicles are not exempt from requiring a TIP if you intend to drive the vehicle beyond one of the Free Zones.
  • Applications online are checked in real-time on US/Canadian vehicle databases.  Your application for a TIP will be denied if the vehicle has any restrictions marked, e.g. reported as stolen or as sent for scrap.

Is auto insurance compulsory when I drive a car into Mexico?

You will need to show evidence of having a valid temporary insurance policy when you apply for a TIP.  Whether you are driving in the Free Zones or going further into Mexico with a TIP, ensure your road trip is properly insured with a policy is valid in Mexico, especially for third party liabilities.

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  1. Hans van Deursen says

    Hello, the expiry date on my TIP is 20/03/2022; Can I leave Mexico ON the 20th or do I have to leave BEFORE the 20th of March?
    Also, do you perhaps know the entry requirements for the USA with a foreign registered vehicle?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Robert says


    I am interested in buying a camping trailer that has a TIP expiring in 2029. The trailer will remain put in Mexico all year and we will do 6 months in the trailer and 6 months back in Canada. The TIP is under the previous owner’s name and I will not be travelling with it. I wonder if I will be able to insure it or sell it in the future? Is there a procedure to have the TIP transferred to my name?

    Thanks for any advice.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Robert,

      TIPs cannot be transferred. The vehicle needs to be exported, the TIP cancelled, and the new owner must bring the vehicle back with a TIP in their own name.

      • Robert says

        Thank you, but what if the camping trailer has no wheels and is permanent parked? Can you get a TIP without the trailer being there physically? Basically, the trailer is staying put. 🙁

        • Mexperience says

          Hi Robert,
          The trailer must be exported with the vehicle it is associated with. They will check this when you go to cancel the TIP.

      • Richard says

        I have a 10 year RV tip. After receiving it I became a permanent resident. Is it still legal? Will I be able to renew it? Also I had the windshield replaced and ruined the hologram. What do I do about that?

        • Mexperience says

          Hi Richard,

          We recommend you contact Banjercito for advice and guidance about this.

  3. Alan DeLoera says

    I will hopefully be obtaining my Temporary residence Visa in the first week of April 2022. I will then apply for TIP and will bring my vehicle into Mexico with me.

    My question is if re-apply after 4 years to renew my temporary residence visa in Mexico do I have to take my vehicle back out of the Mexico before it expires and re-apply for a new TIP or is it just a one-time importation and cannot bring the vehicle back to Mexico?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Alan,

      After 4 years of temporary residency, most people who want to stay in Mexico exchange that for a permanent residency card. Permanent residents cannot have a foreign plated car in Mexico, so if you do this, then you MUST export the vehicle from Mexico very soon after receiving your permanent residency card using the ‘Retorno Seguro’ program.

      You can, optionally, enter a regularization process to start temporary residency again and that way keep your foreign-plated vehicle in Mexico.

      You can learn more about temporary and permanent residency on this article:

  4. Lucy says

    Does anyone know if they allow you to have another person drive the vehicle out of Mexico and cancel the TIP on your behalf?
    Was going to have a notario put together a letter giving the driver permission to transport the vehicle, cancel the TIP, receive the deposit refund etc. on our behalf.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Lucy

      The same person who is named on the TIP must cancel the TIP, unless you attend a Notario Publico and get a Power of Attorney drawn up for the purpose of cancelling the TIP.

  5. Robert says

    Hola, Im probably gonna have a hard time with this, but I will be eventually gaining temp. residency for the second time this year (last time was 10 years ago) and left without removing my TIP at that time.. So my Motorcycle was very old and inexpensive . When I’m ready to obtain another TIP, if its even possible.(about $400) Do you think I have a chance to import another one to the mainland from La Paz BCS, if I just pay the fine?

    • Robert says

      The $400 was the approximate value of the bike, I meant to say, sorry for any confusion.

  6. juan pedro garcia says

    i recieved a denial for my application but was never notified , i found out by logging in and checking , so with this being said when will they issue my refund to my credit card since it was denied .

  7. vanessa arriaga says

    I paid for my TIP but now it is saying it was cancelled, how can I find out why it was canceled?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Vanessa,
      You need to contact Banjercito to ask about that.

    • juan pedro garcia says

      did you ever get your refund ?????

  8. Roger Chamberland says

    I am looking for help regarding cancelling a 10 year TIP on my RV. The Tip for the RV Trailer was obtained along with a TIP (6 month) for my truck in Jan. 2019 upon entry into Mexico. Upon leaving Mexico in Mar. 2019, I stopped at the Banjercito and cancelled the TIP for the truck but was told it was not necessary to cancel the TIP for the RV as it was valid for ten years and did not require a deposit as with the truck.
    As we could not return to Mexico in 2020 due to COVID travel restrictions, I decided to sell the RV here in Canada. I kept the TIP sticker and associated document think that when we return to Mexico, it would be a simple matter to show the authorities at the Banjercito the documents to cancel the old one and obtain a new one for the RV.
    As we found it is not the easy, after speaking with Mexican Border Authorities we were told to send all documents along with the appropriate application to the CIITV (Control Centre for the Importation of Vehicles) in Mexico City. We couriered the documents and received confirmation that the documents had been delivered on Nov. 3, 2021.
    We have emailed them several times since then (all in Spanish) trying to confirm that my application has been received and is being processed. To date, I have not received any reply.
    I have a couple of questions.
    1. How long does it take to process an application?
    2. I have that the TIP are attached to the Passport number used to obtain the TIP. Would obtaining a new Passport allow me to obtain a new TIP’s for the RV and Truck when returning to Mexico in January, 2021.
    3. Are there any Consultants in Mexico that can assist in processing my application?
    I appreciate any advice you may have.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Roger

      You might consider contacting a Customs Agent who might offer professional services to help you resolve this issue. Do a search online for customs agents dealing with vehicle imports to Mexico to find options.

    • Lary says

      Hey Roger,
      Have you successfully been able to cancle your TIP?

  9. Cheryl Ferrari says

    My 4 year temporal visa will become permenente in May. I drove a 20 year old vehicle into Mexico 3.5 years ago, getting the TIP as required, and its expiration date is tied to my temporal. That vehicle has become inoperable and I’m unable to drive it the 12 hours to reach the border. A local mechanic wants to buy it for parts.
    I have no intention nor need to ever import a car again as i now own a MX plated vehicle and will be here permanently. Besides not getting a refund, which i never expected, will i face any problems by selling this old vehicle for parts? Do i need a sales contract to specify the conditions?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Cheryl,

      You might like to contact a Customs Broker for advice. They might be able to offer you a solution of some type.

      Generally, if you lose or abandon your car, Aduana will charge you a percentage of the car’s value. See the section in the article about lost and abandoned cars. There is a procedure to ‘donate’ the car to SAT but that’s probably not helpful in your situation.

      If you don’t cancel the TIP you lose you deposit and you will find it very difficult to import any other foreign plated car to Mexico in future.

  10. Bertus Dorrestyn says

    My TIP application was canceled since my Texas Title was not recognized as a valid prove of ownership. What do have to send instead of the title.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Bertus,
      We recommend you contact Banjercito for advice and guidance on this. There’s a link to their site in the article (under ‘Buying Online’)

    • David B says

      Thank you for the article, it was very helpful. Just a question, I plan on driving from the US to Costa Rica through Mexico and Central America, and then back to the US all within 30 days. From what I’m understanding, I have to obtain a TIP when crossing into Mexico from the US. Can I leave the TIP open when I cross into Guatemala and then cancel it when I drive back through Mexico to the US at the end of my trip? Will that cause issues getting into Guatemala?

      • Mexperience says

        Hi David,

        We talked to our associates and they remarked that the safest thing to avoid potential issues is to cancel your TIP when leave Mexico through Guatemala and then get a new TIP when you return.

  11. Richard says

    We drove our Canadian car to P. Vallarta on the 6 November 2019 with the tip valid until 3 may 2020 (180 day)
    We left P.Vallarta 31 mars 2020 by plane because of covid 19
    We left our car on storage in a Lock garage in Mexico.
    The USA border ( Laredo TX) to go back to Canada true USA was close to all non USA resident march 2019.
    We know that we lost our deposit of $400 US that’s not the problem…..
    We are going back next month November and we need a new Tip to be able to use our Canadian car in MX
    We are not autorise legally to drive with a Tip not valid in MX since may 2020
    How can we drive back (2 days)to the Laredo Mexican border for a new Tip LEGALLY if we cannot drive with a non valid Tip in MX
    We do not want to have any problem with Mexican authority and MX law.
    Help please, if anyone has a solution???

    thank you

    • Azul says

      Find a way to get to an ADACE Sat office and apply for a “Retorno seguro” (safe return) this will allow you 5 work days of safe passage to get your vehicle to the border to return. Once returned apply for a new TIP.

      The safe return is free but you have to apply in person.

  12. Sheila Speckin says

    Hello, we purchased a condo in San Jose Del Cabo. We are hoping to drive down and leave our vehicle at our condo when we return to the US. It is plated in South Dakota and we have a temporary visa. What do we need to do to be able to leave the car in Mexico and fly home? Thanks in advance

    • Rob` says

      Nothing, its fine in Baja to have a foreign plated vehicle, as long as its insured, registered and current in the home country.

  13. Debra says

    Perhaps somewhat complicated but I’m going to shoot it out there to try to make my re-entry go smoothly…I wasn’t able to cancel my TIP upon exiting…major confusion at the border to what was the actual border and where the Aduana was located. By the time I realized the Aduana wasn’t there, I was in a long line for border entry and could not turn around/back up to go back to find the Aduana. I will be returning to Mexico soon and I have a Temporary Residency (fully completed). (When I entered into baja with my vehicle, I just had my tourist visa NOT a 30 day temp visa.) I did not need a TIP in baja (free zone). When I went into mainland mexico with my tourist visa, I got a TIP. Then I acquired Temporary Residency (completely) and extended my TIP (stamp on a form) at the queretaro airport, which they said suffices *within* mexico but it’s not a new TIP just an extension to match up to my newly aquired temporary residency term. That brings me to being outside of mexico now, with the vehicle TIP that wasn’t able to cancel on my way out. I would NOT have gotten my deposit back. My question is, when I enter back in soon, with the same vehicle, am I going to have an issue? I would try to go to the Aduana immediately upon entering and cancel the old TIP on the car. And then, start a new one that will line up with my temporary residency. My other question is that I am looking to re-tag my car to another state before I enter back into Mexico. Might this be a problem since the car had a different state tag information on the first TIP? I imagine that because I will be cancelling the old TIP and starting a new one with the new tags, that it shouldn’t be an issue. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

  14. Nathan says

    I forgot to cancel my T.I.P when I left Mexico 2 years ago. I then sold the camper. I’m now in Mexico trying to get a TIP for my new camper. It’s a mission. I had copies of the required documents apostillé in Canadá by the justice department and the Mexican consulate. I then had them mailed to me in Mexico City and hand delivered them to a SAT officer. I’m now waiting for them to cancel the permit and then inform Banjercito. They have said 5 more days each time I’ve checked. It’s been over a month. It’s my mistake and I am owning it. I’m concerned this officer isn’t going to follow through. Or they want a personal payment. They have not been truthful unfortunately. My question is: can I submit the same documents to a consulate and have the TiP permit canceled through them via SAT? Please Don’t forget to cancel your permit. It’s expensive and time, still counting, consuming.

    • JRodz says

      Nathan, I do think you can. I have the same situation but mine was 7 years ago and still shows that old car as not clear. I had to send the documents to aduana offices in Mexico City. 7 weeks after, still no news.

      • JRodz says

        I meant to say that I do not think so! The consulate won’t help with that. If they do let us know

    • John Smith says

      I have been waiting for 2 years trying to cancel my TIP from Canada. My car with the TIP caught fire and I had to get a new car. I am a TR and my TIP was good for 4 years. Sent them all the required information. Many emails and phone calls, They don’t care.
      Get a new passport and you can get a new TIP.

      • Roger says

        Hi John, we r in very much the same situation as u except we sold our RV in Canada, not understanding the ramifications with the valid TIP with the RV. We have couriered all required documents to Mexico City as advised…absolutely no communication from them. We r planning to go back to Mexico with our newer RV but will likely not be able to obtain another TIP for it. My question is the passport number assigned to my old TIP, in other words can I get a new TIP if I have a new passport? Have u tried this, please advise, thanks

  15. Irwin Wesley Friesen says

    My son drove his vehicle from Canada to visit us for a 5 month period in early winter, 2019. He properly had Mexican insurance on the car, and properly got his TIP.

    5 months after his arrival, it was time for him to drive back to Canada. Unfortunately, he had major mechanical problems as he headed north in Nayarit, resulting in the necessity of having his entire engine overhauled. The car was with a mechanic in a sall village in Nayarit, but the damage to the motor was so extensive, it had to be removed from the car and shipped to a professional engine rebuilder in Guadalajara. Due to business commitments, he left the car in my hands for the repairs, and flew back to Canada.

    Then came covid. After waiting for the past year or so for the opportunity to drive his car back to Canada for him, we can now do so and plan on leaving later in July, 2021.

    My question is, even though the TIP had long expired (and yes, we know his deposit has been forfeited), should I still be stopping to have his TIP sticker removed, and the car “officially” recognised as being out of Mexico?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Irwin,
      Your son definitely should stop to cancel/surrender the TIP on his way back to Canada. Failiure to do that would make it difficult/impossible for him to import another car into Mexico in future.

    • JRodz says

      Yes otherwise It will stay in record that he never removed the vehicle. Like in my case after 7 years still it shows that I never removed one vehicle. And until is clear off which I had been waiting for 7 week now you won’t be able to enter another vehicle. So yes stop by and have them removed.

    • Azul says

      Yes, but go to the ADACE office in Guadalajara and apply for “Retorno seguro” to make your vehicle legal to travel back in 5 days.

  16. Anne says

    We are a couple traveling as tourists to Mazatlan through Nogales. We want to trailer a suzuki sidekick in a 20’ cargo trailer behind our 3/4 ton truck.
    Would we require 3 TIPS ? Would all the documents have to be in both of our names?

  17. Desiree says


    We plan to drive to Mexico in December 2021 and it says on the website you can obtain your TIP 10 to 60 days before a trip but with everything happening with COVID I wasn’t sure what to expect going forward. We went 3 years ago and the TIP was sent through the mail and after reading the information on your website they are no longer doing the sticker. So how long before a trip can we apply online for a TIP?

    Thank you.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Desiree, it’s a good idea to apply with as much anticipation as pratical (60 days is the maximum); if you’re unsure, we recommend you contact Banjercito directly to ask for advice on current time scales, etc.

  18. Celsa Zamora-Padilla says

    Is there any possible way to change the date on a TIP before the TIP date? My husband applied online but accidentally selected the wrong date. We need the TIP a whole week before the date he used. Can we go to the Los Angeles consulate and see if they can help change, cancel and reissue a new TIP permit?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Celsa, you need to contact Banjercito directly to ask them about whether any changes are possible at this stage.

  19. Vital Scherrer says

    I may want to import my motorhome with a German license plate from Europe by ship entering the seaport in Veracruz.
    How long does it take to get the vehicle insurance and the TIP through an online application, and is there a Banjercito near this port?
    Many thanks in advance!

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Vital, we recommend you contact Banjercito directly to ask about this.

  20. David Denning says

    Can I bring a Japanese manufactured vehicle into Mexico on a temporary resident visa ?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi David,
      You can import most vehicles on a TIP; manufacture restrictions may apply only if you intend to import the car permanently.

  21. Alicia says

    My resident alien card is expired but I have the extension letter issued by uscis that allows me to travel. Can I get a temporary vehicle permit to travel by car on Mexico with these two documents?

  22. Stephen Meeks says

    Hello, a few years ago my business partner and I purchased some property in the Baja north of Cabo. As required, we did set up a Mexican Corp and have been paying our taxes. We are now getting prepared to start developing the property. I am enquiring if it is possible to bring a 2017 Dodge pick-up and use as a company vehicle. I will will be applying for permanent residency as required by being an owner of a Mexican Corp. The truck could be put in the company name and insured accordingly. My question then is, can this been done and how. Appreciate your advise and direction

  23. Daniel J Tangeman says

    Thank you for this helpful site. I have a Residente Temporal Visa and have applied for a TIP online. There does not seem to be any ability to indicate that I have a green card and the application states that the TIP, once issued, will only be good for 180 days. According to other things I’ve read, the TIP in reality will be (or should be tied to the green card). I have three associated questions:

    1. Is there anything that I need to do to make sure the TIP is tied to the Residente Temporal Visa or does it happen automatically?

    2. Will the TIP have a six month expiry printed on it once issued and if so do I need to do anything to tie it to my Residente Temporal Visa?

    3. Finally, I’ve read from some that the actually TIP is delivered by mail and some by email, what’s the reality today?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Daniel,

      If you have a RT visa then you need to exchange this for a RT card within 30 days of your arrival in Mexico. Your TIP will be valid for so long as your RT remains valid.

      See the section in the article titled “How does a TIP work when I arrive in Mexico with a Residente Temporal Visa?” for details of the procedures.

      TIPs are now mostly sent by email – although check with Banjercito to ask if you have not recieved any notifications.

      • kevin says

        what if you already have a 4 year plastic card in hand? online it will automatically allow 180 days only for the tip?

  24. Marc says

    Hi, I have a Residente Temporal card, valid for one year since it is my first.

    According to your article: “If you enter Mexico with your foreign plated vehicle under the auspice of a Residente Temporal visa or card, the TIP will be valid for as long as the temporary residency status remains current”.

    By this do you mean the TIP will expire the day my Residente Temporal card expires? Or does “as long as my status remains current” mean that if I renew my Residente Temporal card my car stays legal?

    Since the cards have to be renewed in Mexico, if the first option were the case, does that mean I have to get the car out of the country before the TIP and Residente Temporal card expire, go back to Mexico and renew the card, then go back out and bring the car back in? This would not be easy for me since I live in Guadalajara.

    I am asking only for informational purposes, my car is currently in the US… but I would like to understand how the process works since I would like to bring it with me to Mexico in the future..


    • Mexperience says

      Hi Marc,

      You have to apply for your temporary residency renewal 30 days before it expires. Provided that your existing card is current, or your residency application renewal is in-train at the INM (the renewal procedure can sometimes stretch longer than the expiry date ont the card), your TIP remains current and you car remains legal in Mexico.

  25. roger a helton says

    The Mexican General Import and Export Duties Law (“the Mexican Tariff”) was recently modified through a couple of decrees (effective Sept. 4 2020 and Oct. 23, 2020) to create tariff items that expressly identify electric passenger vehicles (8702.90.07), used electric light vehicles (8703.90.03) and used trolleybuses (8702.90.08), within the Mexican nomenclature of goods, subject to general import duty rates of 20, 15 and 15 percent respectively. Electric vehicles classified as electric passenger vehicles (8702.90.07), electric light vehicles (8703.90.01), electric cargo vehicles (8204.90.01) and trolleybuses (8702.90.01) are allowed to be imported duty-free for a period that expires in September 30, 2024.

    • Mexperience says

      This is related to the formal import of a vehicle to get it re-plated with Mexican plates and is not relevant to vehicles temporarily brought to Mexico and require a TIP.

      Hybrid and Electric vehicles brought to Mexico are NOT exempt from requiring a TIP where this is required to bring a vehcile to Mexico, i.e. temporarily importing a vehicle for driving outside of the Free Zones detailed in the article.

  26. Hanna Rurales says

    Contact TIP Mexican Consulate for more Information.

  27. Vincent says

    Hello. I have a temporary student residency here in Mexico. There is a car I wanted to buy. It has US registration and plate number. The car is already in Tijuana. Please, what do I need to do about the car’s registration? Some people say the car needs to be imported. I’m really confused. I don’t have the US visa. I live in Tijuana. Kindly give me a detailed advise on buying car with US plate number. Thanks.

  28. Rene Del Castillo says

    Hello I have a 2018 3500 dodge dually with a truck camper on the truck I herd they where not giving TIP permits for truck campers any more do you have any info on that? Thanks

  29. victor mcmahan says

    Can I bring my foreign plated car to baja with a permanent resident visa?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Victor,
      Under the current rules, you can take your foreign-plated car to Baja with a permanent visa as it does not require a TIP (Baja is a Free Zone for TIP purposes). Keep in mind that the sticker (tags) need to remain current, and if the rules change, you would need to drive your car out of Mexico.

  30. D.G.O. says

    Hello, thanks for this easy to understand article on this topic. Super helpful! We received approval for temporary residency at a consulate in Texas. Then went to the border to get a tip to drive our car into Mexico. We received a 30day tip and a 30 day visa to go into Mexico to process our temporary residency. We got our temporary residency in this time. Is there anything further we need to do with our car? Or will the TIP, although it says 30 days, now match our temporary residency expiry? Thank you for providing any assistance.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi DGO,
      Thanks for your comment and question. We’ve added a section to the article to cover an additional procedure where a person enters Mexico with a TIP and residency *sticker* before being issued with a residency card. Please see the question and answer headed: “How does a TIP work when I arrive in Mexico with a Residente Temporal Visa?” for details.

      • D.G.O. says

        Hi! This section is super helpful, thanks! We were told at a local transport office to mail the NUT/TIP/residency info and given a doc to complete and mail to an office in Mexico City. We did it, twice, and never heard anything. It’s been 7 months now. Are we supposed to receive anything in return after doing the steps detailed under “How does a TIP work when I arrive in Mexico with a Residente Temporal Visa?”
        Thank you

        • Matt Harrup says

          Hi again, 7 months seems like a long time. It’s probably a good idea to go back to the Customs office that gave you the form to complete and mail to Mexico City and ask them for a status update.

          • Dgo says

            Thanks Matt. We didn’t get the form from Customs, local SAT office gave it to us and the address to mail it to. (Immigration told us to go to SAT after we completed the residency, that’s how we ended up there.) That person at SAT is no longer responding to us. We are now trying to call aduana to find out what are we supposed to do. Hopefully at some point we can get in touch with someone without having to go to into aduana. But I’m just really trying to find out is there some response or form that we are supposed to be getting after aduana gets our NUT and residency card copies? I don’t really know what I’m on the hunt for.

          • Stephanie Flores says

            I applied for my TIP online. There was an error on my documents and it said I had until July 9th to answer or my application would be cancelled. Unfortunately I did not answer in time so it said everything was cancelled but when I went to reapply it said I already had one in process. What should I do? Is there a number I can call to find out what’s going on?

      • Joellen says

        Need help please…
        We just received out NUT number today…cards to arrive in a few weeks.
        We went to the Aduana at the airport in zihuatanejo to try to take care of the TIP on the truck, as we only have 30 days to do that. We tried to do what you said in the section regarding this but the Aduana folks would not help, we went there twice. There was an English speaking person there. They told us they do not do this type of thing and we had to drive to Lazaro Cardenas 2 hours away and go to the Banjercito to do this…. we have been told way too many different things….so confused and frustrated….but the SAT ADUANA office will not assist…anything else we can do???

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