Guide to Mexico’s Money, Currency, and Banks

200 peso banknote being handed to someone

Comprehensive guides to your money, finances and banking services in Mexico, continually updated.

Mexperience guides help you to learn about Mexico’s money, and share insights and tips for managing your finances and using banking services here.

The guide money and banking services in Mexico includes:

  • The Mexican peso – learn about the country’s currency and its banknotes
  • Bank cards – using debit, credit cards and ATMs in Mexico
  • Money exchange – learn about different ways of exchanging foreign currency for Mexican pesos and vice versa
  • Money transfers – how to transfer money to, from and within Mexico
  • Money essentials – money and banking safety tips and local knowledge
  • Opening a Mexican bank account – the requirements and mechanics of opening and running a bank account in Mexico
  • Banking services – services and facilities offered by Mexican banks, as well as a profile of the principal banks and financial institutions
  • Credit and loans – learn about the credit system and how to apply for loans and credit cards in Mexico

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