An Online Spanish Course for Your Lifestyle in Mexico

Discover this online course designed to help you improve your Spanish language and vocabulary for use in everyday lifestyle situations in Mexico

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We have often extolled the advantages of learning Spanish, and the benefits are especially relevant if you plan to live, work, or retire in Mexico.

Speaking Spanish gives you access to the local culture and enables you to engage with people in ways that are simply not possible through third party translation.  Speaking Spanish will enhance every experience you encounter as your lifestyle unfolds in Mexico.

An online language course designed for your Mexico lifestyle plans

If you’re living in Mexico, or plan to make a move here in the future, this online course is designed to help you improve your Spanish language skills to face everyday lifestyle situations in Mexico.

The course is helpful when you are already living here and want to improve your language skills, and is also ideal if you visit Mexico frequently, or plan to move to Mexico in future so that you can arrive prepared with language and vocabulary skills that will enable you to converse confidently in lifestyle situations you’ll encounter when you’re here.

A modular course designed around your lifestyle needs

The online course is organized into modules and you can choose the lifestyle situations you are most likely to need, or the ones you want to improve your Spanish language and vocabulary in—or a combination. They include:

  • Home management (utilities and home services)
  • Markets and shopping
  • Finding a new home in Mexico
  • Finance and banking
  • Interactions in social settings
  • Eating out and hosting guests at home
  • Food, cooking, and baking
  • Medical and emergency situations
  • Cultural interactions
  • Beauty salons and grooming
  • Transportation and getting around in Mexico

Download this brochure that describes each module in detail (PDF)

A course tailored to your needs and skill level

Request a free consultation and our language partner will take the time to assess your current language skill level on a video call.

After the assessment, they’ll give you a free 55-minute language lesson via video-call and, if you enjoy the format, you can choose to sign-up for a course that will be tailored to your current Spanish language proficiency, lifestyle plans, and language learning goals. Courses are offered in 10-hour module packages for US$330.

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