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Get Assistance with Your Mexico Residency Application

When you need assistance and practical support with a Mexico residency permit application, renewal, exchange, or troubleshooting—our associates can help

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Obtain personalized consultation and practical tele support for your Mexico residency application and other immigration procedures.

When you apply for legal residency in Mexico, you’ll need to decide what application route (approach) is best for your individual circumstances, prepare your supporting documents, file the application —usually at a consulate outside of Mexico— and then undertake additional procedures to exchange the sticker in your passport for a residency card when you arrive in Mexico.

Benefits of this service

Our associate provides a personal consultation to help you plan the residency application based on your individual circumstances, and also provides practical tele-support by telephone, email, and chat as you make your way through the procedures.

  • Personal consultation to help you plan your residency application based on your individual circumstances.
  • Identify a consulate that is close or best suited for you to apply at.
  • Help you to find consulate appointments, and help identifying alternative consulates if the one closest to you has limited availability.
  • Save time and avoid mistakes in your application by ensuring that your documentation and forms are in good order.
  • Practical tele-support including writing customized letters (in Spanish) and completion of all the forms you need to file with your application.
  • Ad-hoc advice and troubleshooting as you make your way through the application process.

How the assistance service works

The immigration assistance service provides tele assistance and support throughout your residency application or other immigration procedure.

  • When you make a service request, our associate will contact you by email to request payment for the service.
  • When you have paid, our associate will email you to confirm your service, and schedule your initial consultation.
  • During the initial personal consultation our associate will:
    • discuss your intended residency application or immigration procedure;
    • answer any specific questions you have; and
    • help to plan a route forward based on your individual circumstances.

After the initial consultation, the service works to provide practical tele assistance and support as you make your own way through the stages related to the immigration application or procedure you want to complete

Personal consultation and practical assistance

Your service begins with a personal consultation to talk about your situation, help you plan your application strategy, answer any questions you have, and identify the best route for residency given your individual circumstances.

The service continues to support you in practical ways as you begin the application process and work your way through the application stages:

Consulate appointments

If your application begins at a Mexican consulate abroad, our associate will help you to identify your nearest (or most appropriate) consulate and help you with scheduling the residency interview appointment there in accordance with the policy and process in place at the consulate you apply at.

Application forms and letters

Our associate will assist with the relevant application forms and write the necessary letter(s) in Spanish where these are required to support your application.

Document checklist and revision

Our associate will provide you with a checklist of all the documentation you need to gather in support of your residency application, based on your individual circumstances.  The associate will also cross-check the documentation for accuracy and completeness.

Assistance with your visa exchange

The residency visa that gets issued to you at a Mexican consulate abroad needs to be exchanged for a residency card when you arrive in Mexico.  Our associate will assist with this procedure by providing you with a list of documents you’ll need for this stage of the application, complete the online forms, write the letter requesting the exchange—and emailing these to you for your meeting at the immigration office.

Visa exchange support only

If you already have the residency visa(s) sticker(s) in your passport(s) and only need assistance with the visa-to-residency card exchange process in Mexico, our associate offers a fixed-fee service to assist with this—see this page for details.

Family Unit applications

If you intend to apply for residency in Mexico based on ‘Family Unit’ —for example, if you are married to a Mexican national or an existing legal foreign resident— our associate can provide advice and assist you with the special processes involved in these types of applications.

Practical tele-assistance included

The service assists you practically with specific tele-support work as you make your own way through the various stages of the procedure, including:

  • helping you to find your nearest or suitable Mexican consulate to apply at;
  • assistance with scheduling your appointment at the Mexican consulate;
  • providing you with a checklist of all the documentation you’ll need to gather as part of your application or procedure;
  • answering specific questions and concerns you may have about the procedure;
  • review of your documentation for accuracy and completeness;
  • completion of the various application forms (in Spanish);
  • writing the necessary letters (in Spanish);
  • tele-support when you arrive in Mexico to exchange your residency visa sticker for a residency card;
  • help to prepare for your visit to the immigration office in Mexico; and
  • the service also provides ad-hoc advice and troubleshooting (if needed), as you move through the application process.

Not a line-hopping or guarantee service

Our associate helps you to work through the procedures but cannot obtain preferential treatment for any applicant, and they cannot guarantee appointment date availability or ‘fast-track’ processing timescales.

This service does not guarantee that your application and/or any related documentation will be accepted for processing or granted by the Mexican consulate abroad or the immigration officers in Mexico.

Consulting and assistance fees for 2023

Our associate offers service fee options designed to flex with your individual situation.

3-hour package
This package of 3 hours of advice and support for US$299 is ideal for assistance throughout the residency application process.

  • Most residency application support cases for Single applicants are completed within the 3-hour consultancy package.
  • Each additional applicant typically requires about one hour of support in addition to the 3 hours.
3 Hours for US$299
2-hour package
This package of 2 hours of advice and support for US$219 offers best value for procedures that typically take around two hours of consulting/support to complete. (See next section about typical support times.)
2 Hours for US$219
Per-hour consultation and support
Per-hour consultation and support is charged at US$119 per hour with a one-hour minimum fee.  Per-hour billing is ideal when

  • you want to begin with an exploratory consultation; or
  • you want a procedure that typically requires less than 3 hours of support. (See next section about typical support times.)
Per-hour billing: US$119/hr
One hour minimum.
Visa exchange only
If you already have your residency visa sticker(s) in your passport(s) and only need assistance with the visa-to-card exchange, our associate can support you through this process for a fixed fee.
First Applicant US$129
+US$99 per additional applicant
Additional time
Any additional time you may need for consultancy and support is charged at US$119 per-hour with additional time billed precisely as used.
Additional time: US$119/hr
Additional time is billed precisely as used.

Your consulting and assistance time is valid for a full calendar year

Your residency application ought to begin in plenty of time before your move to allow for the timescales associated with making appointments and waiting for residency applications to be processed.

Your consultation package/time is valid for a year from the date you begin the consultation; you don’t have to use your consultation time all at once.

Typical support times required for common procedures

This table summarizes typical support times required for common procedures


Immigration procedure Typical time needed
Residency Application Package
Tele-assistance when you apply for Temporary or Permanent legal residency in Mexico. Includes assistance throughout the entire process, from the consulate application to exchanging your visa for a residency card in Mexico.
Single Applicant: 3 Hours

+1 hour for each additional applicant

Family Unit residency application
Applying for residency in Mexico under the Family Unit rules
2 Hours
Per Applicant
Consulate appointment only
When you only need assistance with making an appointment at a Mexican consulate (may also include identifying an appropriate consulate). Our associate can only book dates that are publicly available; they cannot obtain preferential treatment or ‘fast-track’ appointments.
1 Hour
Visa to residency card exchange only
If you already have your residency visa, get help with your visa exchange
Fixed fee–see rates table
Temporary residency renewal
When you want to renew an existing temporary residency card
2 Hours
Per Applicant
Change from temporary to permanent residency
Applying for permanent residency after 4 years of temporary
2 Hours
Per Applicant
Request of exit/re-entry permit
If you need to leave Mexico during an immigration process
1 Hour
Per Request
Lost residency card replacement
If you lose your residency card while in Mexico, or outside of Mexico
If you’re in Mexico: 2 Hours
If you’re Abroad: 3 Hours
Per Applicant

Questions before you request the service?

If you have a question about how the immigration assistance service works before you make the request, please contact us.

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