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Get Assistance with Your Mexico Residency Application

If you need assistance with a Mexico residency permit application, renewal, or troubleshooting —our associates can help

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We publish extensive, up-to-date, information about applying for legal residency in Mexico, including a free eBook: Mexico Immigration Guide

When you apply for residency in Mexico, you’ll need to decide what application route (approach) is best for your individual circumstances, file the application —usually at a consulate outside of Mexico— and then undertake additional procedures to exchange the sticker in your passport for a residency card.

The Mexico Immigration Assistance Service provided by our associates offers one-to-one advice and practical and help by telephone and email that will save you time, and guide you correctly through the procedures—from discussing the best approach for your application and practical support through the application process itself:

  • Consultation and advice regarding which resident visa best suits your plans and situation
  • Practical assistance with the application procedure, including a detailed list of the documents you need, assistance completing application forms and preparation of required accompanying letters written in Spanish—all customized to your individual needs and situation
  • The service also provides practical support as you make your way through the application procedure at a Mexican Consulate abroad and/or the local immigration office in Mexico
  • Help and assistance in the renewal of your existing resident card
  • Assistance and advice if you need to ‘regularize’ your immigration status, for example if your resident card expired, or was lost or stolen
  • Trouble-shooting and problem-solving

Get practical assistance with your residency application

We have helped thousands of people plan and realize their Mexico residency application.  The Mexico Immigration Assistance Service saves time and potential inconvenience by helping you to prepare a strong application based on your situation, and mitigating the chances of having your forms, letters and other paperwork being rejected during the application procedures.

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