The Rainy Season in Mexico

Articles and guides about Mexico’s rainy season

Articles and guides about Mexico’s rainy season

Mystical Wind

Mexico’s Mystical Wind

Wind storms in Mexico can be mystical: appearing suddenly, transforming a perfectly still day or night—and vanishing abruptly

Autumnal Scene

Autumn Climates in Mexico

Autumn temperatures along Mexico's coasts are usually pleasantly warm, and elevated areas inland can feel cooler, or cold overnight

Lightning strikes power distribution station

When the Lights Go Out

Local power cuts are a regular feature in Mexico, especially during dramatic thunderstorms. Some forward planning can help to mitigate potential problems

Summertime Couple Jumping into Water

Summer Climates in Mexico

Mexican summers bring high temperatures, refreshing —sometimes dramatic— rain storms, and vibrant colorful landscapes

Water facet and glass

Water Services in Mexico

Properties in urban areas are usually supplied by mains water, but properties elsewhere need to make alternative arrangements

Monsoon Rains over Mexico's Caribbean Sea

Mexico’s Rainy Season

Mexico's rainy season runs from May/June to October each year; sometimes spilling over into November

Weather Vane

Climates and Weather in Mexico

The weather and climates in Mexico are affected by a combination of the season, what part of Mexico you are in, and what elevation is there