The Rainy Season in Mexico

Articles and guides about Mexico’s rainy season

Articles and guides about Mexico’s rainy season

Lightning strikes power distribution station

When the Lights Go Out

Local power cuts are a regular feature in Mexico, especially during dramatic thunderstorms. Some forward planning can help to mitigate potential problems

Monsoon Rains

Monsoon Rains in Mexico

Mexico’s seasonal monsoon rains are one of Mother Nature’s treats to experience and enjoy

Monsoon Rains over Mexico's Caribbean Sea

Mexico’s Rainy Season

Mexico's rainy season runs from May/June to October each year; sometimes spilling over into November

Weather Vane

Climates and Weather in Mexico

The weather and climates in Mexico are affected by a combination of the season, what part of Mexico you are in, and what elevation is there

Mosquito On Skin

Sweet Sorrow for Mosquitoes

One of the more common annoyances experienced by people visiting or living in Mexico is the presence of mosquitoes