Essential Skills for Expats in Mexico

Preparing for your new lifestyle in Mexico

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When you relocate to Mexico—full time or part-time—you’ll pass through a period of adjustment as you experience and respond to Mexican culture and the way of life here.  Becoming well-settled in a country that is not your original home requires understanding, compromise, and the development of a few skills.

Our five-part series on Essential Skills for Expats in Mexico, which has been fully revised, enables you to learn about key skills you’ll need to help make your move and settlement here a success.

Every part in the series is cross-referenced with further Mexperience guides, articles, and other resources to help you delve deeper.

By taking time to consider these skills, you’ll become better prepared for a move to Mexico, and the series also shares valuable insights about living styles in Mexico and how you can make the most of your experiences here.

Part 1 examines what is perhaps the most important skill you’ll need, because you’ll need to use it every day — learning the language.

Part 2 explains the need for flexibility and patience with and around your life situations in Mexico.

Part 3 discusses the deeply-ingrained culture of trade, negotiation and bargaining that exists here, and how you’ll need to learn how to engage with it.

Part 4 is about the importance of contacts and networking and how being an active contributor in the local community where you live will make a material difference to your well-being.

Part 5 concludes the series by highlighting the need for cultural awareness as you settle-in to your life and/or work situations in Mexico.


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