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December 2023

Christmas & New Year festivities in Mexico; Winter season begins; Year-end housekeeping, Monarch butterflies; Colder places in Mexico and keeping warm...

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The Guadalupe-Reyes holiday season

December is a busy month on Mexico’s cultural calendar as the year draws to a close and people begin to prepare for the winter season holidays.

December festivities begin on on December 12th, Día de Guadalupe, and end on January 6th, Dia de Los Reyes Magosthat concludes the festive period colloquially referred to as Guadalupe-Reyes.

Posadas Navideñas are the heart of Mexico’s Christmas traditions, which include the breaking of a colorful Piñata.  Christmas dinner is traditionally taken on the evening of December 24th. The 25th tends to be a quiet day of rest and repair, and is also a public holiday.

The Monarch Butterfly season has just started

The Monarch Butterflies overwinter in the Oyamel fir tree forests situated in the mountains west of Mexico City. Our travel associate can help you plan your visit.

End-of-year housekeeping

As this year draws to a close, here are a few practical housekeeping notes for you to keep in mind as your lifestyle and leisure plans unfold this holiday season.

Christmas travel plans.  As you prepare for Christmas in Mexico, note that airports, bus stations, roads, interstate highways, and popular resorts become very busy during the Christmas holiday period, starting from around mid-December.  Build-in additional time (and patience) for your road journeys, airport transfers, and bus trips.

Paying Christmas bonuses  & tips: When you’re living in Mexico, Christmas is a time to express appreciation to the people who help you throughout the year, and for paying Aguinaldos to your domestic helpers. Also consider paying a Christmas tip to key suppliers this month, for example: the people who deliver gas to your home; the helpers who deliver drinking water bottles if you use those; the people who collect your garbage each week; the door keepers if you live in a gated community—as well as to anyone else who supports you with a regular service throughout the year.

Insurance coverages. The end of year is a good month to review the insurance policies that support your lifestyle in Mexico and make arrangements for coverage renewals.  Auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, and medical evacuation insurance are the most common.

Residency cards. If you hold temporary residency, or have minor children with permanent residency cards, check the expiry dates.  Expired cards can be renewed within a short period after their expiry date, but the paperwork is considerable and if you intend to eventually exchange your Temporal for Permanente, allowing your card to expire will reset your accrued years to zero.  Our associate can help with renewals.

Immigration offices and consulates. Friday December 15th is the last working day that immigration offices in Mexico will receive filings; they reopen on Wednesday, January 3rd.  Mexican Consulates abroad will be closed December 25th, 26th, and January 1st.  Consulate offices in some countries might also be closed on January 2nd.

Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance with your residency procedures, consider using our associate’s Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.

First time applications—consultation, consulate appointments, preparing for the interview, and exchanging your visa for a card in Mexico.

Visa exchange—if you already have your visa in your passport and need help exchanging that for a card in Mexico.

Residency card renewals—if you already have a residency card and need assistance with the renewal.

Other procedures—including Family Unit, Lost & damaged cards, and exchanging Temporary Residency for Permanent Residency.

Seasonal changes

This year’s winter Solstice, when Fall yields to Winter, is on Friday, December 21st. The rain season in Mexico extended this year well into late November, and will soon yield to the dry season.

Winter in Mexico is characterized by mostly dry and bright days with agreeable daytime temperatures. It’s typically warm and comfortable along the coasts and coastal plains.  Warm sun-drenched daytimes are typical in locations situated inland at higher elevations,  although early mornings and the hours after sundown can be crisp or cold.

The agreeable climate is one of they key reasons many people choose to overwinter in Mexico each year.

December 21st is the ‘shortest’ day of the year, although as our article about Mexico’s long daylight hours describes, you’ll enjoy plenty of daylight throughout the winter (early risers especially benefit in Winter) and the quality of the light here is extraordinary.

Benefits of a custom made leisure tour

Whether you’re visiting Mexico for a short vacation or living here and seeking to discover more of the the country you’ve adopted as your home, a custom tour enables you to make the most of your leisure time and absorb the experience of the activity instead of grappling with the details and logistics.

We work with travel partners who know Mexico intimately and craft custom tours that offer a distinctive alternative to the banalities of mass tourism. Our section about Custom Tours of Mexico helps you to discover choices and connect with travel specialists who can help you to craft your customized trip.

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Home and property insurance

Whether you own or rent a house in Mexico, a home insurance policy can provide essential support in the event of troublesome circumstances including structural damage, floods, burglary, as well as third-party liability coverage.

Learn about insurance policies to protect your home in Mexico.

Home insurance quote: Get an online quote and arrange instant coverage.

Closing 2023, looking ahead to 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, I’d like to thank you for making Mexperience part of your Mexico lifestyle & leisure plans, and thank you for supporting our associates with your valued patronage.  The knowledge we share here is offered freely to all. Thank you for your support and for your personal recommendation to others.

We’re laying foundations for our planned service improvements to you in 2024, and I will highlight those in the January 2024 newsletter.

May you and those close to you enjoy peace and mirthful gatherings together this Christmas holiday season, and may joy and abundance accompany you in the New Year.

Matthew Harrup

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