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Get Assistance to Renew Your Mexico Residency Card

Our associates can assist to renew your existing residency card in Mexico, or to exchange qualifying temporary residency cards for permanent residency

Residency Cards and Travel Documents

Our associate provides advice and practical tele-support to help you renew your Mexico residency card, or to exchange qualifying Temporary residency cards for Permanent residency.

All Temporary residency cards —and Permanent residency cards issued to minors (aged under 18 years)— have expiry dates. To keep your residency card current, you will need to apply for residency renewal within the 30-day window before the card’s expiry date.

If you have held a Temporary residency card for 4 consecutive years —or two years if married to a Mexican national— our associate can assist you to exchange that for a Permanent residency card.

Assistance with your Mexico residency card renewal

A renewal process exists to extend your Mexico residency card and keep its status current.  The process is similar if your existing Temporary residency card qualifies for exchange to Permanent residency.

Renewals and exchanges must be done in person at a local immigration office in Mexico.  They cannot be filed outside of Mexico, or by proxy.

The procedures involve completing some forms, and writing a letter (in Spanish) requesting your residency card renewal or exchange.  You must attend your local immigration office in Mexico with the paperwork correctly completed to apply.

Our associate provides tele-support that enables you to attend the immigration office in Mexico yourself fully prepared with all the forms and other paperwork duly completed and ready to file for your residency card renewal.

When you request the service, our associate will:

  • Schedule a personal consultation with you to discuss your situation, and the basis for your renewal or exchange to Permanent residency.
  • Send you a personalized checklist of documents you’ll need to take with you to the immigration office in Mexico to complete the residency card renewal or exchange procedure.
  • Complete the online forms you need (in Spanish) to request the renewal or exchange; they also write the covering letter (in Spanish) that you need to present alongside the forms.
  • Register the procedure online, and send the files of the completed electronic forms and the covering letter to you by email. You print, sign, and take these with you to the immigration office in Mexico—so you’ll attend fully prepared for the renewal filing procedure.
  • Provide you with the details/address of the local immigration office where you intend to make the exchange, with instructions about what to do when you arrive.
  • The service also provides ad-hoc advice and troubleshooting (if needed), as you move through the renewal process.

There are no online appointments at immigration offices.  You need to attend the immigration office in person to request filing of your residency procedure.

Renewals and exchanges must be filed in person, in Mexico: Mexico residency card renewals, and exchanges from Temporary to Permanent residency, must be filed in person, in Mexico.  You cannot renew or exchange your residency card at a Mexican Consulate, nor can the procedure be filed by proxy.

Speaking Spanish. Some people tell us that their Spanish is limited (or non-existent).  Our associate prepares all the paperwork for you ahead of time and many readers who don’t speak much or any Spanish have successfully navigated the procedures themselves without trouble using the assistance of our associate’s tele-support service.

Time scales for renewing or exchanging your residency card

Some immigration offices process renewals/exchanges and issue the new card(s) on the same day you attend the immigration office in Mexico, and sometimes offices ask applicants to return, usually within 1-3 weeks after their filing date, to complete the process.

You can learn more about current time scales on this article.

This is not a line-hopping or application guarantee service

Our associate helps you to move through the residency card renewal procedures in good time, but cannot obtain preferential treatment for any applicant, and they cannot guarantee or ‘fast-track’ appointments or processing time scales.

This service does not guarantee that your residency renewal application and/or any related documentation will be accepted for processing, or that your filed application will be granted by immigration officers in Mexico.

Residency card renewal assistance fees

The table below lists the residency card renewal or exchange services offered by our associate.  You must pay the government fees separately.

Service offered Fees (2023)
Current residency card renewal
If your residency card is not expired, our associate offers a fixed-fee per person for the service. The fee is for the tele-support to prepare all the paperwork and help you prepare for your visit to the local immigration office in Mexico where you’ll make your application and file for your residency card renewal.
First Applicant US$219
+US$99 per additional applicant
Change from Temporary to Permanent residency
After 4 consecutive years of holding temporary residency —or two years if married to a Mexican national— our associate can assist you to exchange that for a Permanent residency card.
First Applicant US$219
+US$99 per additional applicant
Expired residency card (Regularization)
If your card is expired, and not more than 55 days expired, our associate can assist on a per-hour basis, with an initial two-hour package for US$219. Any additional time required over two hours is billed precisely as used at US$119/hr.
Read this important information about expired cards.
Two hour package:

Additional time is billed precisely as used at US$119/hr

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First time applicant? Apply for Residency for the first time

Questions before you request the residency card renewal service?

If you have a question about how the immigration assistance service works before you make the request, please contact us.

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