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Mexico Newsletter —
November 2021

This month: Land border update; Day of the Dead; Clock changes; Places to live; Assistance services; Monarch butterflies; Dry season; Home Finders ...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — November 2021

Mexico-US land border phased reopening

Entering the US from Mexico: The land border restrictions imposed by the US on visitors by land from Mexico, introduced in March 2020 due to Covid-19, will begin to be lifted from November 2021—but only for visitors who can show an approved vaccination certificate. This article describes the phased reopening of the US land border.

Entering Mexico: Mexico does not require visitors to show proof of vaccination to enter the country.  Tourist permits (FMMs) and temporary import permits for vehicles (TIPs) are being issued as normal.

November highlights in Mexico

Autumn is taking hold in Mexico; the last of the seasonal rains are falling, the clocks get turned back by one hour, and people locally are making preparations for their Day of the Dead ofrendas. This month’s newsletter includes highlights to our collection of articles which help you to discover Day of the Dead traditions; November 2nd is a Public Holiday.

November heralds the return of the Monarch Butterflies that overwinter in the mountains west of Mexico City and if you’ve been intending to witness this natural phenomenon, now is the time to make plans and our articles and connections can help.  This month is also host to one of Mexico’s long ‘holiday weekends’—commemorating Día de la Revolución.

Our Mexico Assistance Services connect to service providers that can help you to realize your Mexico lifestyle and leisure plans, helping you to take the next steps and bridge the gap between your plans and aspirations and making those things happen.

If you’re someone who continually uses Mexico’s visitor permit to re-enter Mexico as a ‘perpetual visitor’ we’ve been hearing additional reports of travelers’ intentions being questioned at the border. If you plan to stay in Mexico longer term we recommend you apply for legal residency; this month’s newsletter has some helpful articles about that.

We’ve introduced a new section on the website this month, called Places to Live in Mexico, that gathers together guides to locations in Mexico as well as a collection of related lifestyle articles that share insight and local knowledge that’s helpful when you’re considering options and short-listing possible places to settle in.

Finally, a reminder that all the titles in our Mexico eBooks library are available for free download and offer you comprehensive knowledge about living and lifestyle in Mexico.

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Mexico lifestyle & leisure

Our guides and articles to living and lifestyle help you to explore and realize your lifestyle plans and we also help you to discover leisure opportunities in Mexico.


  • Mexico’s clocks will be turned back by one hour: at the end of October in some regions, and beginning of November in others.  Learn about this year’s clock-time changes in Mexico.
  • The clock change brings an end to ‘light evenings’ but as we explain in our autumn climates article, Mexico continues to enjoy plenty of daylight year-round—mornings light-up earlier.
  • Mystical wind storms are often the harbinger of seasonal change, bringing and taking away the rains.  The dry season won’t be felt properly until late December when the ground moisture evaporates; our articles about the dry season help you to learn more about this important seasonal change.



  • Our new section about Places to Live in Mexico offers you a wealth of local knowledge and information to help you discover potential locations to live in Mexico, as well as local insights that can help you make informed choices.


  • Our new ‘Assistance’ menu connects you to service providers that can help you to realize your Mexico lifestyle and leisure plans
  • Learn more about Mexico Assistance Services that support you as you make your Mexico lifestyle, living and leisure plans


Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance with your residency permit application or renewals, regularization procedures, expired permits, or troubleshooting, consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.


  • The dry season is on its way and presents a range of challenges when you’re living in Mexico.  Our article about living well through the dry season offers some insights and practical advice.
  • November is the beginning of the ‘snowbirds’ season in Mexico—people who spend winters living here.  Our article about part-time living in Mexico shares helpful insights.
  • Mexico’s café culture has evolved over the years, adapting to changing tastes and trends, and today offers an ample choice of places to meet for refreshment. Foreign Native shares some history and insights about this important social pastime.
  • If you’re planning to drive in Mexico this season, our road trip check-list can help you to plan ahead, and drive confidently.


  • Mexico has plenty of property for rent, although finding a rental home in the right location that’s also adequate for your needs requires planning and effort.  This detailed article about property rentals in Mexico shares valuable insights and practical tips.
  • When you’re seeking to buy a home to buy in Mexico, our Home Finders associates can help.  We’ll be adding more locations in the coming weeks and months.
  • When you’re buying or selling a property in Mexico, consider using our associate’s closing assistance service.
  • Download our comprehensive free eBooks to Real Estate in Mexico and working with Realty Agents in Mexico.




  • Language is a primary instrument that gives you access to a foreign culture, and being able to converse in Spanish —even at a basic conversational level— will make every experience you encounter in Mexico richer, and more meaningful to you. It’s an essential skill to acquire or improve.
  • An important reminder that when you apply for a residency visa to live in Mexico you must exchange the visa for a residency card within 30 days of your arrival in Mexico—otherwise the visa becomes void and you have to return abroad to reapply.
  • If you plan to move to Mexico and ship your personal goods to your new home here, you ought to read this article about the Menaje de Casa — a formal, one-time, procedure that enables you to do this without paying import duties.
  • Our summary of insurance services in Mexico helps you to consider coverages that can support your lifestyle here and mitigate the costs caused by unforeseen mishaps.


  • Mastery of any language —including Spanish— requires a combination of spoken, reading and writing skills as well as knowledge of its grammar.
  • Our insightful PinPoint Spanish series helps you to get acquainted with the nuances of Mexican Spanish in everyday situations.

Spanish Language Courses

Improve your Spanish conversation capabilities with this online course tailored to current skill level and goals

For an immersive experience, attend a Spanish school in Mexico, where small classes and personalized attention will boost your learning.

If you want to improve your Spanish specifically for living in Mexico, this language for lifestyle course can help.

Mexico Assistance Services

Connect to helpful Mexico Assistance Services that enable you to realize your Mexico plans.


  • Our Mexico eBooks Library offers you a collection of carefully composed eBooks with helpful insights and local knowledge about Mexico—all titles are offered free of charge.


  • When you need help applying for residency, or help renewing your existing residency permit (or working through a ‘regularization’ procedure after a mishap), consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service, that offers detailed consultancy, personalized advice, and practical help through the process.






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