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March 2024

Spring climates and dealing with the dry season; Benito Juárez weekend; (No)clock change; Local coffee; Residency matters; Dwelling spaces & driving places...

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Lifestyle & Living insights for March

Insights and tips for better living & lifestyle in Mexico.

Spring marches in — The month of March heralds the beginning of Springtime in Mexico, and March through May bring the hottest and driest days of the year. Gardeners will be busy keeping their plants refreshed in the absence of significant rains, and water supplies at home may need to be conserved as the dry season takes hold in earnest.

Benito Juárez weekend — March is host to another long weekend holiday, commemorating the birth of Benito Juárez—one of the most revered of Mexico’s former political leaders.  The March 21st holiday was moved to the third Monday in March—which this year falls on March 18th.

(No) clock changes — A reminder that, with the exception of some municipalities that border the USA, Mexico will not be moving its clocks forward this spring, but clock changes elsewhere will create time differences to note when you plan travels and meetings.

Residency matters — If you’re planning to apply for residency in Mexico this spring, this detailed outline of the process helps you to map out the journey. Check your existing residency cards for their renewal date to avoid having to deal with expired cards. Our article about managing your residency in Mexico is filled with helpful advice for existing residents.

Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance and practical support with a Mexico residency permit application, renewal, exchange, or troubleshooting—our associates can help.  The service saves you time and helps avoid common mistakes made by applicants.

Our associates offer tele-assistance nationwide and accompanied assistance at selected locations—that now also includes key cities in Baja California.  Learn more about the services and make a request.

Dry season sunsets: Sunsets in Mexico are spectacular this time of year, as the dry landscapes lend dust to rise high into the atmosphere that blends with setting sun rays to create compositions of extraordinary late evening light.

Solar eclipse in Mexico — Some places in Mexico will experience total darkness during this year’s solar eclipse —on April 8th— and almost all of Mexico will experience the eclipse to some degree.

Going local with your morning brew — There’s plenty of choice when it comes to coffee brands in Mexico, including a range of well-known pricey imports. It’s reasonable to argue that, other than satisfying a yen for variety, there’s no need to pay a premium for the imported grains as Mexico’s home-grown coffees are remarkable, whether you drink them at home, or at one of the many local coffee shops you’ll find in every town and city.

Wind and electricityFebrero loco y marzo otro poco is a popular Mexican adage that expresses the unpredictability of weather this time of year.  And this is particularly noticeable with Mexico’s winds, which can suddenly transform a perfectly still afternoon or night into a dramatic outdoor dance—and this might also be a cause for some disturbances to your home’s electricity supply.

The right house in the right place —  There are various choices and important practicalities to consider as you search for and find a home for your lifestyle situation in Mexico. You might rent, or buy, or should you build or fix-up a property?  Explore the choices and practicalities involved in finding a home.

Home insurance can mitigate the costs of loss and damage

A good home insurance policy can mitigate the costs of wind damage to your own property in Mexico, and also cover you for third party damages—if a tree or wall falls into your neighbor’s house or onto the street, for example.

Learn more about choosing a policy for your needs, and get an instant quote online.

Spring into Spanish this season — If you plan to live in Mexico —or are living here already— we recommend you make time to learn or improve your Spanish language skills.  Being able to converse with others in Spanish will enhance every encounter and enrich your experience of being here.  Reasons for learning Spanish are numerous; our PinPoint Spanish series helps you delve into the nuances of Mexican Spanish, and our associates offer courses, online and in-classroom.

Changing times, changing lifestyles — How people approach a potential move to Mexico usually depends on a combination of their personality, their situation, and their lifestyle priorities.

Care for your dwelling spaces — Mexperience accompanies you throughout your journey: at the planning stage, the moving stage, and as you settle-in to your new life in Mexico.  The extensive guides and articles presented in our Mexico Home Life section help you cultivate a local lifestyle, and our section about Home Stewardship helps you learn about keeping your home and dwelling spaces in good order.

Driving places this spring — Whether you bring your foreign-plated car to Mexico, or drive a Mexican-plated car, the extensive guides and articles we publish about driving and road trips in Mexico can help you to plan your journey and prepare for the road ahead.

Get an online quote for Mexico Auto Insurance

Insurance provided by our partners MexPro Insurance offer coverages using only A-rated insurers for vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, ATV/UTV, and towed units.

Quote for Auto Insurance

Springtime Leisure Tours in Mexico

The Monarch butterflies leave in March, but there are other attractions and opportunities to get outdoors in Mexico this spring.

Walking tour of Mexico City: It’s the perfect time of year to take a walking tour of Mexico City, and our associate David Lida can create a customized tour for you or your small group.

Other tours: Our associates can also help with custom tours to experience Mexico’s Copper Canyon on what is one of the world’s most extraordinary train journeys; if you like wine, consider a custom tour of the Baja wine region.

Benefits of a custom made leisure tour

Whether you’re visiting Mexico for a short vacation or living here and seeking to discover more of the the country you’ve adopted as your home, a custom tour enables you to make the most of your leisure time and absorb the experience of the activity instead of grappling with the details and logistics.

We work with travel partners who know Mexico intimately and craft custom tours that offer a distinctive alternative to the banalities of mass tourism. Our section about Custom Tours of Mexico helps you to discover choices and connect with travel specialists who can help you to craft your customized trip.

Mexico Living Essentials

Guides and updates for everyday living & lifestyle in Mexico.

Roadcraft — Browse our extensive insights about driving & road trips in Mexico. Learn about being properly insured for the journey.

Insights and advice for safe and enjoyable road trips across Mexico

Learn about being properly insured when you drive in Mexico to cover liabilities, breakdowns, and medical incidents while you’re on the road.  Get a quote now and arrange coverage online.

Immigration & Residency — Mexperience publishes detailed and regularly updated information about residency in Mexico.  Learn about how to apply, and how to manage your residency card and status. Obtain tele-assistance or accompanied assistance to help with the procedures and filing.

House & Home — Our guide to Mexico real estate is the most comprehensive you’ll find. When you buy or rent a home here, learn about how to keep it well cared for with our articles about Home Stewardship.  Also learn how to keep your dwelling spaces adequately secured and properly insured.

Health & Wellbeing — Read tips & insights for health and wellness in Mexico.  Learn about health insurance options.  Get a quote for private health insurance.

Money & Banking — Our complete and regularly updated guide to money and banking in Mexico helps you to learn about Mexico’s peso, open and manage a local bank account, make money transfers, use bank cards, and deal with everyday financial matters in Mexico.

Insurance coverages for your lifestyle in Mexico

Connect to our insurance associates and get quotes online for essential insurance services that can mitigate the economic effects of unforeseen events and provide practical support through what are often difficult situations.

What to look for in an auto insurance policy for Mexico

Tips for arranging home insurance coverage in Mexico

Health cover: review your options for healthcare in Mexico

Visiting or living here part-time? Medical evacuation may help

Discover More of Mexico

Mexperience accompanies you throughout your journey.

When you’re looking for a new lifestyle in Mexico, Mexperience is with you at every step—from those first key decisions about moving, to settling-in and cultivating a fruitful lifestyle everyday.  And when you need time away for leisure and recreation, we help you to discover & arrange meaningful leisure experiences.

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Drive properly insured in Mexico

Learn about being properly insured when you drive in Mexico to cover liabilities, breakdowns, and medical incidents while you’re on the road.

Get a quote now and arrange coverage online

Home and property insurance

Whether you own or rent a house in Mexico, a home insurance policy can provide essential support in the event of troublesome circumstances including structural damage, floods, burglary, and events that affect third parties.  Learn about insurance policies to protect your home in Mexico.

Home insurance: Get an online quote and arrange instant coverage.

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