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May 2022

This month: Key events in May, INM appointments, looking forward to the rain season, local food shopping, choosing a climate to live in, learning Spanish, and more...

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Welcome to your Mexperience Mexico Newsletter for May 2022. Browse monthly highlights and updates which help you to discover and explore lifestyle and leisure opportunities.

May highlights in Mexico

While April and May typically bring the hottest (and often driest) days of the year, some significant rain storms have been rolling across the central highlands recently; although at times heavy, these storms are fleeting by comparison to those that usually begin to arrive by late May and bring refreshment and relief in earnest to the parched landscape.

The month of May in Mexico has several key days to note including Labor Day on May 1st, Cinco de Mayo on the fifth, and Mother’s Day on May 10th.  The rainy season usually returns across Mexico during the second half of May, or June in some regions.

INM’s electronic appointments offline

For those undertaking any residency procedures in Mexico, note that the INM’s electronic appointment system is currently offline.  This means that applicants need to attend the INM office in person to ask for an appointment and then return on their allotted date to start the procedure. It’s taking between a few weeks and two months to get appointment dates presently, depending on the location.  We recommend you build-in extra time for your residency procedures this spring and summer.  We’ve published an article about time scales for visas and residency cards that shares additional details about this.

Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance with your residency permit application or renewals, regularization procedures, expired permits, or troubleshooting, consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.

Local food shopping

One of the big attractions about visiting and especially living in Mexico is the abundance and variety of foods and flavors available here.  Mexico’s climates, its rich volcanic soils, and extensive coastal plains provide ideal environments that spring forth an enormous assortment of fresh produce; and local markets, stores, and traders make the produce easy to find, and buy.

Local climates matter

When you’re considering places to live in Mexico, consider the local year-round climate at the location.  Broadly, Mexico’s coastal regions are sultry during the spring and summer, warm and comfortable during the fall and winter; whereas the highland regions inland tend to offer temperate climates year-round. However, Mexico’s territory is vast and so variations and nuances exist.  Mexperience offers an extensive collection of articles to help you make informed choices.

Driving and road trips in Mexico

Spring and summer bring additional traffic to Mexico’s roads, and additional care ought to be exercised as the rains begin. Balding tires are especially risky as the rain season starts, so double check your tread. We offer an extensive collection of articles as well as a free eBook about driving and road trips in Mexico.

Get a quote for Mexico auto insurance

Mexperience is pleased to refer our readers to MexPro auto insurance, which offers comprehensive coverages valid in Mexico using English-language policies backed by a fully-licensed US insurance broker.  Get a quote online.

Language is a key that opens many doors

When you’re living in Mexico, or if you plan to make Mexico a part of your lifestyle plans in the future, consider your Spanish language skills.  While some people come to Mexico and live without speaking much Spanish, they inevitably become dependent on others to help them navigate at least some day-to-day matters.  We strongly recommend you invest time and effort to learn (or improve) your Spanish language skills when you live, or plan to live, in Mexico.

Discovering more of Mexico

Mexperience offers extensive resources to help you discover, plan and realize your lifestyle and leisure experiences in Mexico.

Immigration and residency

Our extensive collection of articles and our free eBook, updated annually, help you to learn about what you need to acquire and maintain your legal residency in Mexico.

Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance with your residency permit application or renewals, regularization procedures, expired permits, or troubleshooting, consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.

Lifestyle planning

Our Mexico Lifestyle Planning section offers local knowledge, insights, inspiration, and ideas to help you consider choices and make your Mexico lifestyle plans.

Mexico home life

When you’ve made the move to Mexico, our Mexico Home Life section shares local knowledge, ideas, and inspiration to help you discover opportunities and settle-in well to your home and living spaces in Mexico.

Driving and road trips

Driving your own vehicle across Mexico’s extensive and well-developed road network provides an ideal way for you to explore these diverse lands and become acquainted with the local topography, the regions, the culture, and the local people in ways that no other means of transport can match.

Insurance coverages

A range of Mexico-related insurance services exist that can mitigate the effect and expense of unforeseen events and mishaps when you’re here.

Property and dwelling spaces

Our extensive articles and free eBooks share local insights and advice to help you find, settle-in and manage your home and dwelling spaces in Mexico.

Your leisure time

Whether you’re visiting Mexico or living here, there’s an abundance of travel and leisure options for you to explore and experience.

Mexico-US land border

Entering Mexico: Mexico does not require visitors to show proof of vaccination to enter the country.  Tourist permits (FMMs) and temporary import permits for vehicles (TIPs) are being issued as normal.

Entering the US from Mexico: The land border restrictions imposed by the US on visitors by land from Mexico, introduced in March 2020 due to Covid-19 have been lifted, but only for visitors who can show an approved vaccination certificate. US Citizens and US legal residents do not need to show this certificate. This article describes the reopening of the Mexico-US land border.

Spanish language study

Learning or improving your Spanish will enhance your experiences in Mexico, if you’re visiting, and especially if you’re living here.

Mexico Assistance Services

Connect to helpful Mexico Assistance Services that enable you to realize your Mexico plans.


  • When you need help applying for residency, or help renewing your existing residency permit (or working through a ‘regularization’ procedure after a mishap), consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service, that offers detailed consultancy, personalized advice, and practical help through the process.








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