Mexico's Climate and Weather

Articles and guides about Mexico’s weather, climate regions, and seasons

Articles and guides about Mexico’s weather, climate regions, and seasons

Spring flowers in a garden

Spring Climates in Mexico

Springtime in Mexico begins on or around March 21st each year, but by late February, the first signs of spring can be seen and felt across the country

A colorful colonial house in Mexico

Hot Coasts, Cool Colonial Cities

Practical advice about short-listing locations in Mexico that offer a climate you'll feel comfortable living in through the seasons

Colonial Fountain and Bougainvillea

Winter Climates in Mexico

Winter climates across Mexico vary by region and elevation, although you'll enjoy plenty of daylight throughout the winter season

Mystical Wind

Mexico’s Mystical Wind

Wind storms in Mexico can be mystical: appearing suddenly, transforming a perfectly still day or night—and vanishing abruptly

Autumnal Scene

Autumn Climates in Mexico

Autumn temperatures along Mexico's coasts are usually pleasantly warm, and elevated areas inland can feel cooler, or cold overnight

Hurricane Season Mexico

Hurricane Season in Mexico

During summer months, when temperatures reach their peak, Mexico can be host to hurricane-force storms

Lightning strikes power distribution station

When the Lights Go Out

Local power cuts are a regular feature in Mexico, especially during dramatic thunderstorms. Some forward planning can help to mitigate potential problems