Media in Mexico

In-Car Radio (Retro)

The Radio Star Lives On

Mexico's radio shows continue to enjoy captive audiences, especially during the morning rush-hour

Book Shelves in a colonial home in Mexico

On Reading and Taking Horses to Water

Several years ago, when Mexico introduced a law mandating a single price for books, it was argued that it might not make books cheaper, but would lead to more...

Comedy and Tragedy - Theatre Masks

So Do Mexicans Have a Sense of Humor?

The international rumpus in 2011 over jokes about Mexicans made on the British television program Top Gear, and Mexico's reaction—probably overreaction—to some silly comments, may cause people to wonder...

Stamp Showing Quino's Mafalda

A King Among Kings

Argentine cartoonist Quino (Joaquín Lavado), creator of the Mafalda comic strip, is in Mexico this week. Mafalda, which Quino began drawing in 1964 and continued until 1973, was always...