Mexico’s Two Top-Level Domain Names

It’s been over a decade since the introduction of the .mx domain, and the number of companies actively using it appears somewhat limited

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On Feb 1, 2009, NIC Mexico, the Mexican Domain Name System authority, introduced .mx — a new ‘Country Top Level’ domain. Before then, the country’s only top level domain name extension was the more protracted

The domain authority has since been promoting its new domain, and today positions it as the ‘premier’ extension for Mexico-related website addresses.

In addition to wooing the millions of Mexican businesses who’d be naturally inclined to register their trading names using the new Top Level Domain, the authority also advertised to the US business community, asserting that “.mx is the best way to talk to the Mexican Hispanic market in the USA.”

As .mx is much simpler than its predecessor, you might have thought that it would have come to replace the longer version; however, today over decade after the launch of the snappier .mx domain, the longer remains widely seen and used for advertising campaigns in Mexico — and remarkably, even larger companies trading here have still not registered the .mx version of their domain, or have registered it, but don’t use it.  The two domain extensions run in parallel and there is no plan to withdraw the longer

One of the reasons why smaller enterprises in particular might not be taking-up the shorter .mx version is that it’s relatively expensive: 2-3 times the annual price of, which is also accessible at, is additionally  accessible at the latter two redirect to our principal .com domain.

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