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Articles about communications and keeping in touch while in Mexico

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Articles about communications and keeping in touch while in Mexico

In-Car Radio (Retro)

The Radio Star Lives On

Mexico's radio shows continue to enjoy captive audiences, especially during the morning rush-hour

Mexican Postage Stamp

Postman’s Day in Mexico

November 12 is Dia del Cartero—Postman’s Day—in Mexico. It’s the day of the year when everyone remembers their local postman and gives a small gift in appreciation of the...

Keeping in touch with modern communications

Using Communications in Mexico

Whether you are visiting Mexico for a short while, living here part-time, or living or working here permanently, you'll want to make use of modern communications.

Dialing from a desk phone

Fixed Line Call Charges Drop Sharply in Mexico

Legislation passed into law in 2014 and fully enacted on January 1, 2015 has shaken-up Mexico's telecommunications market and effectively made fixed-line telephone calls and internet services from residential...

WiFi Internet Sign in Mexico

Finding WiFi Internet Access in Mexico

WiFi hotspots are widely available across Mexico, and even in some of the country's more rural areas. Here are some current notes about how to go about getting...

Email Icon on Screen

Sending Email from Mexico

In a bid to clamp down on email spam, Telmex and other major internet companies running WiFi spots in Mexico have shut down access to Port 25—the port most...

Dialing from a desk phone

Impede Telemarketing Calls

Although middle-class households in Mexico don’t receive as many publicity offers as their American, Canadian and European counterparts, direct marketing has started to gain some traction here; telemarketing is...