New $100 Peso Banknote Introduced in Mexico

Mexico's central bank introduced a new design for the $100 peso bill on November 12, 2020 featuring scholar and philosopher Sor Juana Inés

$100 Peso Bank Note 2020

As part of an ongoing program to update the current series of Mexican bank notes, the Bank of Mexico launched a new $100 peso bill on November 12, 2020, to replace the current design that was first introduced in 2010.

The $100-peso note design features

The new $100 peso bill is presented in hues of orange and turquoise.  The scholar and philosopher Sor Juana Inés is featured on the note; she was featured on the previous $200 peso note before the current design was introduced in 2019.  The reverse side of the new bill features the bioreserve of Monarch Butterflies that overwinter in Mexico between November and March.  The new bill is printed on polymer (a type of plastic) and, unusually, it’s presented in a vertical format; to now, Mexican bank notes had always been presented in horizontal formats except for special editions.

Part of a new design series

This is the third in a new series of bills being rolled-out by Mexico’s central bank.  On August 28, 2018 the Bank of Mexico introduced a redesigned $500 peso bill. and on September 2, 2019 the latest $200 peso bill was placed into circulation. Other denominations of this new series in coming years will include a new $1,000 peso bill, and a new $50 peso bill.

Mexico’s bank notes have become increasingly sophisticated over the years in a bid to thwart counterfeiters, and this latest series builds on advances in bank note technology.  You can learn more about the new note on the bank’s website.

It takes time for new bank notes to enter physical circulation and the current $100 peso bill will remain legal tender until further notice.  After the Bank of Mexico withdraws a bank note from circulation, genuine notes can be exchanged at retail banks for a while, and indefinitely afterwards at the Bank of Mexico itself.

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