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Mexico Cost of Living Guide 2021

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The 2021 Mexico Cost of Living Guide helps you to create real budget estimates based on your individual situation and lifestyle choices

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Free eBook: The complete guide to the cost of living in Mexico in 2021

A practical guide that enables you to understand living costs in Mexico and compose a budget based on your individual lifestyle situation.

Don’t just guess at what living in Mexico might cost you. Everybody’s situation is unique, and so too are the costs.

This fully updated 2021 Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico enables you to create an accurate estimate of your living costs, based on your individual situation and lifestyle choices.

The 2021 Mexico Cost of Living Guide includes:

  • An in-depth examination of living costs that enables you to work out the real costs of living in Mexico today
  • A summary of typical costs across a selection of essential services foreign residents tend to use in Mexico including accommodation (rentals and purchase), utilities, home maintenance, domestic services, transport, fuel, communications, and education. The guide also highlights what areas in Mexico are more and less expensive to live in
  • A new ‘Cost of Living Essentials’ section that is filled with practical advice based on the actual experiences of living costs here including a chapter on the myths and realities of living costs in Mexico
  • Useful information about the effect of currency exchange rates on your budget, a Mexican peso report and forecast, and valuable practical insights about the day-to-day costs of living in Mexico.
  • A list of commonly-overlooked costs which people often forget to include when they work out their budgets for living in Mexico
  • Comprehensive reference section with links to a wealth of relevant online information sources where you can get up-to-the-moment pricing information

The 2021 Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico is fully cross-referenced with articles on Mexperience and provides you with a definitive guide to understanding living costs and planning a realistic budget when you plan to be in Mexico for extended stays or the long-term.

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Document Format: PDF
Publication Date: January 2021

Free eBook

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