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Mexico Newsletter —
February 2022

This month: Residency qualification, weekend holiday, dry season living tips, retirement planning, third-party insurance, why people stay in Mexico, more...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — February 2022

February highlights in Mexico

The Jacaranda trees begin to bloom across Mexico during mid-to-late February, dressing their branches with bursts of color and afterwards covering the gardens, streets, and lanes beneath them with a purple carpet of flowers.  This cycle signals a seasonal tipping point as air temperatures warm-up in late February and herald the start of spring, around mid-March.

Seasonal transitions

This is a remarkable time of year to be in Mexico. Notwithstanding the onset of the dry season and landscapes which are looking increasingly parched, temperatures along the coasts are pleasantly warm, mornings break bright in the mountain highlands, and the cool morning air feels fresh, crisp, and vibrant. Sunsets are spectacular this time of year, as the dry landscapes lend dust to rise high into the atmosphere that blends with setting sun rays to create compositions of extraordinary late evening light.

Residency qualification

For people seeking residency in Mexico, we have learned that Mexican consulates abroad are using the daily minimum wage level for 2022 and none appear to be applying the UMA measures.  This means that those seeking residency on the basis of ‘economic solvency‘ must now prove an income of at least c.US$2,500 a month, or a savings/investment account balance(s) totaling at least c.US$45,000.

Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance with your residency permit application or renewals, regularization procedures, expired permits, or troubleshooting, consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.

Mexico eBook updates

We’ve updated several of our Mexico eBooks, including the guides to immigration and cost of living, and the guide to money and banking.  Other eBooks will be updated this winter, and we have a couple of new titles lined-up for the spring.  Our Mexico eBooks library offers you the most complete and comprehensive online collection of eBooks about lifestyle in Mexico—and every title is offered as a free download.

Long weekend

Mexico marks the enactment of its Constitution in February—one of the three national holidays that were moved to the closest Monday to create long weekend holidays.

Online seminars

When you’re thinking about moving to Mexico, an online seminar provides in-depth learning and assistance to guide you through the key stages of a move. As part of our intention to connect you with new and helpful services this year, we’ve teamed up with Focus on Mexico, who are running an online seminar, two days a week, between February 15 and March 31.

Third-party liability in your home

We’ve always recommended that you get adequate insurance for your road trip in Mexico, especially essential third-party liability coverage.  If you’re living in Mexico, consider third-party liability insurance at home to cover you for accidents and potential liability if you have a housekeeper or other workers attending your home: this article describes insurance for domestic help and other workers.

Last call for butterflies

Peak viewing season at the butterfly sanctuaries is here; the butterflies begin to depart in early March.  If you want to see them this winter, now is the time to arrange your visit.  Learn about the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico. Our travel associate can help you to visit one of the butterfly sanctuaries on a custom tour.

Talking Spanish in ’22

During the holidays, I heard several people remark that they intend to learn (or improve) their Spanish in the new year.  It’s a resolution best left unbroken; there are good reasons to learn Spanish if you’re living in Mexico (or intend to move here).  Our PinPoint Spanish series offers helpful insights about language usage in Mexico, and you can find courses online and in classrooms by browsing our language assistance services.

Winter-spring plans

We have a full program of updates and new resources planned for publication during this winter-spring season that will help you to discover and experience more of Mexico. Thank you for your valued patronage, and for recommending Mexperience to others. Keep reading below for more lifestyle and leisure updates that include highlights of recent articles and helpful insights from our archives.  Wishing you a very pleasant February.

Mexico lifestyle & leisure updates

Browse monthly highlights and updates about living and lifestyle which help you to explore and realize your lifestyle plans, and discover leisure opportunities in Mexico.

Retirement in Mexico

Immigration updates

Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance with your residency permit application or renewals, regularization procedures, expired permits, or troubleshooting, consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.

Lifestyle planning

  • There are lots of good, sensible reasons for moving to Mexico, but it takes consideration, research and a plan to make your move a success. Our article about lifestyle planning is a good launch pad.
  • Our latest articles about lifestyle in Mexico and our free comprehensive eBook guide about relocating to Mexico take you deeper.
  • For in-depth learning and assistance to guide you through the key stages of a move, sign-up for this online seminar that begins on February 15, 2022.

Living well in Mexico

  • What keeps them in Mexico? People who arrived in Mexico to create a new lifestyle and who have settled well cite key reasons about why they came—and why they stay
  • Separating the UDIs from the UMAs. Both are special units of measurement that you might have to refer to with when you live in Mexico.
  • The journey to finding your place in Mexico: to settle well and be content in Mexico, you’ll need to seek compromise, be accepting, and learn how to craft your situations on Mexico’s terms.
  • Health insurance options when you’re living in Mexico vary; learn about the various choices and connect to helpful resources.
  • Fresh local produce: Supermarkets aren’t the only shop in town here: independent neighborhood vendors selling fresh locally-sourced produce remain a thriving part of the Mexican retail landscape.
  • Chilly moments: cold spells that suddenly arrive across Mexico’s central highlands can be felt anytime from late autumn through to early spring.
  • Discover an ancient steam-bath ritual that offers an invigorating physical experience combined with ceremonial elements that support the mind and spirit.
  • Our summary of insurance services in Mexico helps you to consider coverages that can support your lifestyle here and mitigate the costs caused by unforeseen mishaps.

Driving in Mexico this winter

Property matters

Your leisure time

  • February is the most popular month for visiting the Monarch butterfly sanctuaries: as the the air temperatures warm-up in the forested mountains, the butterflies are more active and dress the forest scenery with color and movement.  Learn about the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico. Our associate can help you to visit one of the butterfly sanctuaries on a custom tour.
  • Summer is peak season in the Copper Canyon, as the rains come and drench the landscape with moisture, the flora’s colors and fragrances burst out, the rivers swell, and the the canyons show-off their prime moments of the year.

Mexico-US land border phased reopening

Entering the US from Mexico: The land border restrictions imposed by the US on visitors by land from Mexico, introduced in March 2020 due to Covid-19, will begin to be lifted from November 2021but only for visitors who can show an approved vaccination certificate. US Citizens and US legal residents do not need to show this certificate. This article describes the phased reopening of the US land border.

Entering Mexico: Mexico does not require visitors to show proof of vaccination to enter the country.  Tourist permits (FMMs) and temporary import permits for vehicles (TIPs) are being issued as normal.

Spanish language study

  • Breakfasts are famously hearty in Mexico, especially at weekend gatherings, whereas other meals depend more on people’s schedules and eating habits. Learn more about how describe  meals and meal times in Spanish
  • Our insightful PinPoint Spanish series helps you to get acquainted with the nuances of Mexican Spanish in everyday situations.

Spanish Language Courses

Improve your Spanish conversation capabilities with this online course tailored to your current skill level and goals.

For an immersive experience, attend a Spanish school in Mexico, where small classes and personalized attention will boost your learning.

If you want to improve your Spanish specifically for living in Mexico, this language for lifestyle course can help.

Mexico Assistance Services

Connect to helpful Mexico Assistance Services that enable you to realize your Mexico plans.


  • When you need help applying for residency, or help renewing your existing residency permit (or working through a ‘regularization’ procedure after a mishap), consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service, that offers detailed consultancy, personalized advice, and practical help through the process.


  • Our Mexico eBooks Library offers you a collection of carefully composed eBooks with helpful insights and local knowledge about Mexico—all titles are offered as free downloads.







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