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Articles about money and the local economy in Mexico

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Articles about money and the local economy in Mexico

Money in Mexico

Cash, Please

Although cashless payments are increasing in Mexico, cash still remains king here.

Please pay with change - sign

No Hay Cambio

With more than 360 billion pesos in coins and bills in circulation across Mexico, why does it seem that no one ever has any change?

Old Mexican Banknotes

The Value of Old Mexican Banknotes

Old Mexican bank notes can be exchanged for their present-day value at the Bank of Mexico. This article explains how the country's central bank calculates values for old bills.

Traveller's Cheques and Pen

The Trouble with Travelers Checks

While some people still bring traveler's checks to Mexico, they are finding it increasingly difficult to find outlets that will cash them.

Diego Rivera on the 500 Peso Banknote

The Ebb and Flow of Mexico’s Peso

Visitors and foreign residents alike may have noticed that in the last year they have been getting quite a few more pesos for their US dollars.

Mexican Money Banknotes

The Banknote Versus The Joker

In Mexico merchants of all kinds will reject banknotes that have any part missing, and many will refuse to receive bills that are torn in any way, taped together,...