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You Are Welcome in Mexico

Family Enjoying the Beach

The latest visitor statistics revealed that Mexico welcomed over 35 million visitors in 2016, a 9% rise on 2015, and a new record. The country is now among the top ten most visited places in the world, offering visitors depth and diversity of leisure experiences.

When you arrive in Mexico, you will be welcomed by an Immigration and Customs procedure that provides for security whilst treating visitors and residents with dignity and respect.

Your leisure time is precious and Mexico offers abundant choice, whether you want to enjoy one of its many alluring beach destinations, explore the rich history and culture of its colonial cities, and big metropolises, discover our shared heritage at its ancient cities and pyramids, absorb the country’s breath-taking outdoors – or a combination of these – Mexico offers you vibrancy and color with experiences that are likely to exceed your expectations.

If you plan to live, work, or retire here, Mexico offers choices that can facilitate your lifestyle plans. The intercensal estimate conducted in 2015 revealed that over one million foreign residents call Mexico ‘home’—they too, are welcome.

Welcome to Mexico.

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