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Celebrating 20 Years Helping People to Experience Mexico

Mexperience has been helping to attract and guide new visitors, friends, and foreign residents to these extraordinary lands since 2002

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Matthew Harrup, founder of Mexperience, reflects on twenty years of publishing this comprehensive website about Mexico.

Two decades have passed since Mexperience was launched on the internet, on June 10th, 2002. For the curious who might wonder how the site has evolved since then, you can see what that first version of Mexperience looked like here on the internet archive.

For 20 years, Mexperience has been helping to attract and guide new visitors, friends, and foreign residents to these extraordinary lands—people who bring their energy and goodwill, and who are making lasting contributions that extend far beyond their individual efforts.

Helping you to discover Mexico

A consistent focus of the work throughout the years has been to cultivate a website that makes Mexico accessible, with a clear intention to bring visibility about the value Mexico offers to visitors as well as to potential and current foreign residents.

By publishing this helpful content, more people are learning about the outstanding opportunities and benefits Mexico has to offer, and through carefully interwoven content and service connections Mexperience also helps you to take those next steps—which move your plans from concept to realization: whether that’s a vacation, or a complete change of lifestyle.

With sincere thanks

I’d like to thank you for visiting and reading Mexperience as you consider your Mexico plans; for recommending the site to your friends and family, and for supporting our associates and sponsors with your patronage.

I am also thankful to the associates and sponsors, whose services help facilitate our readers’ plans and intentions, and the trade they generate through our referrals helps to keep this website online.

Sites of the size and scope of Mexperience don’t happen through the efforts of any one person, but through the earnest care and efforts of many.  This work has been blessed by the presence of talented people around it who, as if by some form of alchemy, appeared when they were needed. They know who they are. I have been, and remain, sincerely grateful for their presence, and for the contributions they make to this work.

Matthew Harrup
June 10, 2022
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Matthew Harrup is founder and editor of Mexperience.com