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Good Food in Mexico City

Nick Gilman’s authoritative food blog is a worthwhile read when you’re seeking places to enjoy good food in Mexico City

Fonda Comedor in Mexico City

Nick Gilman’s award-winning food guide, Good Food in Mexico City:  A Guide to Food Stalls, Fondas and Fine Dining, and his authoritative food blog are a very worthwhile read when you’re looking for inspiration about where to eat well in the Mexican capital.

The book and blog are born out of Gilman’s love and appreciation for authentic Mexican cuisine.

Like many contemporary champions of good food, Nick Gilman appears aware of the natural connection between food on the table and its place of origin.  He is an advocate of organic growing methods and the “slow food” movement, a philosophy that attempts to counteract the fast-food culture that pervades so many industrialized nations.  His work has captured the consciousness of many like-minded people: those who care about food, and how it is commercialized.  Nick’s commitment is also demonstrated by the time he invests heading the Mexico City Chapter of Slow Food International.

His descriptive and regularly-updated blog offers articles which review old and new restaurants in the city, describe the produce on offer at the local tianguis (market), and promote food events, especially those which support slow food and organic food in Mexico City.  Articles are complemented by illustrative photos which give readers a visual aspect to the words which themselves capture well the flavors, textures and aromas of the food they describe.

Gilman’s writings also bring readers’ attention to Mexican food establishments where guests may enjoy delicious food and support local chefs and the independent food purveyors who are passionate about bringing fresh local flavors to the people they serve.

In the ocean of ‘Mexico food blogs’ which flood the internet, Nick’s blog stands out by offering readers a well-structured, updated, and authoritative insight to local foods and great places to enjoy good food in Mexico City.

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  1. Pat Dixon says

    Have enjoyed Anderson’s in the Zona Rosa both times I have been to Mexico City. It’s been a short walk for a group of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from Ticalli. A bit pricey, but the atmosphere is great, they really do not rush you out. This past February sat there with a group until about 9:00pm enjoy drinks, food and conversations.

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