Enjoying Mexican Food & Drink

Articles and guides about food and drink in Mexico

Articles and guides about food and drink in Mexico

Ice Cream Flavors

A Scoop on Mexican Ice Cream

Mexican ice cream and popsicle choices are varied, flavorsome, and widely available from local stores, fancy-brand parlors, and street vendors

Street Trader Selling Fruit

Local Food Shopping in Mexico

Local, independent, neighborhood vendors selling fresh foods and comestibles remain a thriving part of the Mexican retail landscape

Mexican food table

On Mexican Meals and Meal Times

Breakfasts are famously hearty in Mexico, especially at weekend gatherings, whereas the weight and timing of other meals depend more on people's schedules and eating habits

Toks Diner in Mexico

Eating Out at Mexican Diners

Diners in Mexico offer agreeable venues to enjoy an affordable meal from ample menus featuring Mexican favorites as well as international and special diet options