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Discover Humanity: Mexico

A project led by two exploration filmmakers aims to share cultural traditions through short ‘mosaic’ films about our humanity.  Their work now includes a film about Mexico

Children together by the ocean

When a civil engineer from Greece and a media consultant from Australia met by chance on a work project, together they sparked-off a new venture that sets out to use short film to convey the bonds which humanity shares across cultures and nations, and reveal the ways in which we are all bound together by common threads.

The short ‘mosaic’ films they create share insightful vignettes about countries including  culture, people, food, language, art, and traditions.

The founders, who began the project as a duo, now lead a team of ten people and their intention is to create a short film about every country in the world.

Their film about Mexico includes beautifully composed sequences and photography from various parts of the country which reveal traditional aspects of everyday Mexican life.

The film also features local people expressing their thoughts, hopes and aspirations about human life and the world we share—in Spanish and other indigenous languages.

The documentary is presented in Spanish with English subtitles and may be viewed below, on the project’s YouTube channel, and website that shares details about the wider project.

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