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Tribe Talk: Join Helpful Conversations About Mexico

The Tribe Talk groups powered by Choosing Mexico are interlaced with Mexperience and help you to extend your discovery of Mexico and share your own experiences

Network of people online

Mexperience is collaborating with Choosing Mexico to bring you Tribe Talk — an online feature where you join focused conversations about key topics related to Mexico for living, lifestyle and leisure.

About Choosing Mexico

Choosing Mexico LLC was founded in 2007, and launched as an online community in 2018 for people who have an interest in Mexico to participate in focused conversations and avoid the noise often associated with general social networks.

We’re aligning some key topics on Mexperience with Tribe Talk groups on Choosing Mexico so that you can engage in conversations and discussions on matters of interest and importance to you.

Join and engage with Tribe Talk topics

In collaboration with Choosing Mexico, we’ve created several Tribe Talk topics you can join in with to learn more, and share your own knowledge and experiences with others, if you want to.

Discover the Tribe Talk topics

Connect to the Tribe Talk topics about Mexico Lifestyle and Leisure to read and join-in with conversations on specific areas of interest:

How to participate in Tribe Talk conversations

To participate, simply connect to the Tribe Talk topics section about Mexico Lifestyle and Leisure or click on one of the Tribe Talk topics above and you’ll be connected to the Mexperience Tribe Talk conversations.  To participate, there’s a quick and simple and free sign-up (one time process), and then you can comment and add to the conversation.

Mexperience remains an independent, open, and freely available resource for all to discover Mexico for living, lifestyle and leisure, and our collaboration with Choosing Mexico extends your discovery through learning about others’ experiences and talking about your own.